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And now Julio takes a stab at narrowing down the albums that inspire him most.

Otis Redding- Live at the Whiskey
“The feels! Whether it was the fast paced rhythms or the lonely melodies. Otis can always get me feeling the music! You can tell he gave it ALL, Always.”

Maverick Sabre- Lonely Are The Brave
“The soulfulness of Maverick Sabre is something I try to emulate when it comes to my singing. He feels every note.”

Eminem- Eminem Show
“Carrying Eminem CDs to school was a constant thing, and I’d have to hide them from my mom. She still isn’t fond of the music but she has some rap songs she likes.”

Gotye- Making Mirrors
“Unorthodox ways of creating music has always attracted me. At the end of the “State of the Art” there is a voice that tells you there were no live performances on this song, only the occasional pressing of buttons.”

Salsa Dura, Vol. 5
“I have always been a fan of dancing and rhythms like salsa have helped me discover my passion towards the key board.”

Gorillaz- Plastic Beach
“Tony (Lead singer of my band) bought me this album, and I couldn’t get enough of “Rhinestone Eyes”. The changes in rhythms and synths is on point.”

Edward Sharpe And the Magnetic Zeros- Live In No Particular Order
“This album has been a recent addition to my list because of its purity! The innocence of the songs combined with dope keys and so many lovely voices.”

Los Angeles Azules- Grandes Exitos Remezclados y Remasterizados
“These songs were another source of daily energy! As they played around the house, we would clean, dance, or both.”

Mana- Arde El Cielo
“Mana was constantly played around the house or while my mom would drive some where. One thing that always caught my attention was the feel of a live album and what it can provide. As it makes you dive into the concert and sing along.”

Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory
“The intros in this album have become a staple in my music playlists. Seconds into a song and I can hear the whole thing played out. I like the changes they have habitually made to their music!”

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