Welcome to the mind of a musician. One thing I can say about Johan Danno is that he is one of the most genuine and straight-forward people I’ve ever spoken to. His passion for what he does is something that gets too often lost in the world we live in today. I’ve known him a very short time and I can safely say that I wish I knew more people like him. This is his story about going from wanting to give up to touring multiple countries, in his own words.

“Everyone has a dream, but what does it cost to make it a reality? What sacrifices would you be willing to make? Would you be able to overcome the fears and doubts within, to truly travel the distance from your head to your heart?

After obtaining one of the most sought-after jobs in the world, Johan Danno left his budding IT career in the pursuit of his real dream – his passion to become a musician overriding all other sensible ideals. Setting out on a tour across the USA and Australia in pursuit of trying to make it, he also left the woman he loved behind. What transpired was nothing short of a successful disaster. Performing shows in iconic cities, he certainly reached a degree of success but yet, Johan felt a failure within his own heart. Upon completion of his Australian tour, he returned home to the Gold Coast of Australia, feeling as if he was a broken-hearted empty shell of his former self.

Making a living performing covers, Johan put his music dreams aside and his album on the shelf. He debated with himself whether everything he had done so far had been for nothing and whether his dream of being a successful musician really was just a dream. Sadly, he turned to drugs and alcohol to numb his sadness and fell into a deep depression. Slowly he lost touch with reality and his music, lost in his insecurities and wondering how or why he should continue.

Out of the blue one day, he receives a call from an old friend. In tears she explains how his music has changed the life of a friend of hers threatened with cancer. After their chat, he was inspired to open his e-mail and social media after months of neglect; to his absolute surprise he discovered messages from people around the world. Reaching out to tell him how his music has inspired them to follow their dreams, helped over-come depression or suicide, saved their relationship, and truly changed their lives. It was in this moment, Johan realized that the success he was seeking blinded him from the real reason he became a musician – to connect, inspire and change lives.

With a joyful new purpose and authentic meaning, Johan set out to share his music with the world and invites you to join his journey over the next 2 years as he releases his music and film Dakota Sol along with performing shows in Florida, Boston, and Australia.”

Check out Johan Danno’s video for “Fall in Line” below. Stay tuned for more about his film, Dakota Sol!