In a world that feels constantly divided, many of us seek ways to connect. Whether it be through spirituality, technology, or social interaction, we find ways to relate to one another. One way that’s become a very important means of connection is the way we as people connect to the greater world around us, our role within it, and the way our actions affect it. A philosophical idea called “Gaia” sums this connection up in saying that we all function together with the world as a single organism. Unfortunately, such an idea has become politicized to the point of standstill (at least here), and we remain as divided as ever.

In the music world, though, a new band emerges from Atlanta, GA, and takes the idea of Gaia and weaves grooves and soaring guitars around it. Lovely Orbiter are Corey Bautista, Gabriel Lopez, Ethan Hennessy, and Shane’s Trowbridge and Driscoll. Their debut EP, Gaia, starts and ends with the sound of nature and is filled with organic riffs and melodies throughout its six instrumental tracks. For fans of the genre, Josh Martin of Little Tybee even has a guest solo on fifth track, “Dream Ecology.” The EP works to not only connect the instruments together in a smooth way, but it brings these sounds together in the way that we as people need to be brought together to work with the world around us in harmony.

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