Migos is really the new Beatles. The energy and chemistry they share as a group is unparalleled, each member brings something unique to the table, and they each can stand on their own in solo tracks.  Having the best year of the career, coming off a platinum #1 album with Culture and a growing in mainstream notoriety, it’s easy to see the only way they’re going right now is up, and they just dropped off a new track that shows they’re getting ready to take over the summer.

Earlier in the year it was said in an interview that their label Quality Control would be dropping a compilation this summer featuring them and labelmate Lil Yachty, who just released his debut album today(which you seriously need to hear), and To Hotty looks to be its leading single. The new track, referencing wrestler Scotty Too Hotty, shows the 3 Migoteers doing what they do best, just straight killing shit. The production is super dark and agressive, and all 3 of these dudes pick it apart easily and get in their bag. Listen to To Hotty below.