Chicago’s hip hop scene is currently thriving. There’s a large number of artists, people like Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, and Saba, who have a serious passion for the culture, and focus heavily on pushing their artistry forward. Though he moved to LA, Alex Wiley takes his Chicago sound and brings it to new levels. Ever since his first project Club Wiley, he’s constantly experimented to find his perfect sound, and his new track, Pressure, is an accumulation of all the different elements he’s worked with. As soon as the beat initially hits, you’re taken on a ride of one of the smoothest instrumentals you’ve heard this year so far, containing so much life and vibrance that it could work just as well as an instrumental. Collaborations between Wiley and Low Gravity are always astounding, because they both have the capacity to just flow so well, making it sound and feel so easy. Alex Wiley is easily one of today’s most underrated artists, and with every release his ascension gets closer and closer. Listen to Pressure below.