Forming back in 1997 and having just released their 9th studio album, Makes Me Sick, New Found Glory is a pop punk band we grew up loving.

With having just celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band, they wanted to challenge themselves with this new album.  Having a lead singer like Jordan Pundik, who has such a distinct voice, that is the epitome of pop punk and gives the band the vibe they have, allows them to try something different, while maintaining the same sound and vibe as a band.  It still sounds like the New Found Glory that we grew up loving, but different, a sound that fans are familiar with but have never heard before.

New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick, with that title alone, it can be interpreted in so many ways. As literal as New Found Glory makes me sick.  The world we live in today makes me sick.  Everyone is so over critical and doing things now just to be liked, or to be like everyone else.  I feel this album was written inspired by the lessons the band has learned throughout life.  We’re all so quick to put the blame on somebody else, when maybe it’s us who needs to do some changing.

The first single released, Happy Being Miserable, I feel kind of set the tone for the album as a whole.  The songs and lyrics all relate to calling someone or people out, pointing the finger at someone else rather than yourself.  Overall this is an amazing and very cohesive album with a few of songs that really hold their own and are brilliant.  This is the kind of album that you will be singing along to every word before you know it!


//You’re Jokes Aren’t Funny//

I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we realized we’re being used.  “You’re jokes aren’t funny anymore to me”, you finally have had enough and are over their abuse.  With the empowering feeling you get through the lyrics, this is the song that should be belted out for the world to hear.

 //Party On Apocalypse//

This song is the definition of today’s world.  How over critical we can be and how much we rely on how other people view us and what they think about us and what we do.  We will be the cause of our own self destruction.  The lyrics tell of all that consumes this generation.  With our obsessions to be perfect on social media, to the desire of being liked by everyone.  When is enough, enough?


//Call Me Anti-Social//

I must admit I was drawn directly to this song because of the title alone.  After listening, I was far from disappointed.  This song and lyrics will be relatable for listeners are all ages, for those of us introverts.  With a summer vibe, it’s a happy song about not really fitting in and keeping to yourself.

 //Happy Being Miserable//

With such an upbeat and catchy chorus, it was no surprise that after just one time hearing this song, it’s bound to get stuck in your head.  If you are ever in need of a song to let someone know you no longer wish to talk or see them anymore, but in the happiest sounding way, this is the song for you! One of my personal favorites from the album.

 //The Sound Of Two Voices//

Summer Vibes.  This song is about knowing what you want, but also knowing that it may not be the best for you.

 //Blurred Vision//

A simple yet catchy chorus.  This is definitely a sing along love song for all. 

 //Say It Don’t Spray It//

A song that points out the fact that you should do as you say.  Talk is cheap and anyone can talk themselves up, but only you know what you do when no ones looking and those with the highest moments can fall the hardest.  We are all victims of ourselves.

 //Barbed Wire//

I love the comparison of two people to barbed wire.  “Two strands twisted together, razor sharp, no one will ever touch us”.  The memories you share with someone, even the band ones, no one can touch them.

 //Short And Sweet//

The title says it all.  A light hearted love song.

//The Cheapest Thrill//

Learning self-worth.  Musically and lyrically a very catchy song.

Listen to Makes Me Sick in it’s entirety below:


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