The Emo tag is definitely something that has been prevalent throughout most of my previous bandcamp adventures. Something that can encompass a wide spectrum of sounds (not emo as a genre), the emo bandcamp tag should be a gold mind. So check out some bands I loved from the “Emo” tag on bandcamp. Enjoy!

*for further clarification we’re not looking at music that’s a part of the emo genre, but just music with the emo tag. Don’t yell about me saying “omg this band isn’t emo” because I know it isn’t.

– 1 –

Sleepwalking – Phantom Limbs

New Paltz, New York

tags: acoustic indie rock, ambient, buffalo, indie rock, pop rock, rock, emo, post rock

A very emotional indie rock full length that I fell in love with within seconds of hearing the first track.

Favorite Track: “Clever Girl”


– 2 –

The Six Sevens – Yump

Santa Barbara, California

tags: alternative, pop punk, emo, indie, low-fi, Santa Barbara

An emotional blend of indie and pop punk with kind of a nostalgic sound.

Favorite Track: “Berlin”


– 3 –

shonen bat – EP#3

Málaga, Spain

tags: rock, emo, indie rock, math rock

Part of a split with another band, Soul Structure, this emotionally charged indie influenced math rock from Spain is pretty great.

Favorite Track: “suffocate”


– 4 –

Nosedive – Easy Way Out

New Haven, Connecticut

tags: alternative, punk, emo

Another pop punk-ish band with a nostalgic sound. The songs are short, fun, and catchy.

Favorite Track: “Blur”


– 5 –

Harmony Woods – Nothing Special

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tags: alternative, emo, indie, indie rock, singer-songwriter

At the time of writing this, there’s only one track out (album releasing May 5th) but that one track was enough for me to include it on this list. This may actually work it’s way onto my AOTY list depending on the rest of the album.
*Literally as I was going to post this, a second track is available. That track is great too. I’m honestly really stoked on this release.

Favorite Track: “Jenkintown-Wyncote”


– 6 –

Mathletics – Inside Noise

Leeds, UK

tags: alternative, leeds, united kingdom, emo, ukemo

So, this band is kinda mathy. And I’m about that. It’s also pretty tappy. Which I also like. And any money they make from this release is donated to Mind, the mental charity. So buy it up.

Favorite Track: “Inside Noise”


– 7 –

Carl Gene – Feel / Heal

Baltimore, Maryland

tags: ambient, black metal, atmospheric, dark folk, doom, dream pop, drone, emo, gloom, gloom folk, indie, noise, sad, shoegaze, slowcore

The tags do a pretty great job explaining the sounds you’ll hear on this release. A combination of their full length, “feel” and their EP, “Heal”.

Favorite Track: “Regret”


– 8 –

Chased by Ghost of HYDEPARK – 2sideS

Osaka, Japan

tags: alternative, breaking benjamin, lost prophets, crown the empire, emo, hoobastank, japanese, paramore, post rock, story of the year

Okay, so, when I first heard this I thought it was going to go an entirely different direction. But boy was I wrong. This is pretty great. Kind of a metalcore/numetal/post hardcore blend? If that makes any sense. Just listen to em.

Favorite Track: “Pay back”


– 9 –

La Città Degli Specchi – Non Siamo Più Gli Stessi

Udine, Italy

tags: alternative, emo, indie, rock, Udine

Some alternative indie rock from Udine, Italy. The words are in Italian too. Which is pretty great. It’s just one song, but I liked it.

Favorite Track: “Oliver”


– 10 –

Cooper Horton – Away – EP

San Diego, California

tags: alternative, rock, emo, indie, singer-songwriter, San Diego

Some acoustic focused indie emo stuff. Kinda reminds me of The Front Bottoms but I’m also just getting into them, so I’m probably wrong.

Favorite Track: “Back Home”

– 1 1–

Shin Guard – Leglike

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

tags: alternative, pop punk, emo, indie punk, sadness, Pittsburgh

Some great sad music from Pittsburgh. Blend of slower builds and energetic punk sections. Pretty rad.

Favorite Track: “Étude”


– 1 2–

La Petite Mort / Little Death – Split /w Vivresavie & Young Mountain

Rodgau, Germany

tags: punk, emo, screamo, Rodgau

Emo screamo music is the best screamo music let me tell ya. This is no exception to that. This is a pretty great release.

Favorite Track: “This Name Rings a Bell”


– 1 3–

Sadisfied – We’ll Talk About It Later

Lawrence, Kansas

tags: rock, emo, math rock, mathy, midwest, midwest emo, post punk, post rock, twinkle, Lawrence

Midwest emo. I’m sadisfied with this release. See what I did there? Yeah? Good. But yeah this release is really great and emo. Cry to it.

Favorite Track: “Flowers”


– 1 4–

источник москва – весенняя пора

Moscow, Russia

tags: indie, pop, dream punk, emo, pop punk, moscow

Some cool indie/pop punkish music from Moscow.

Favorite Track: “претенд”

– 1 5–

Coach – Coach

Seattle, Washington

tags: emo, rock, ambient, emo, emo revival, indie, math rock, Seattle

My good friend Luke (Avoid the Void) actually turned me on to this band yesterday while I was in class. I couldn’t stop listening to them. This is a really, really, good EP.

Favorite Track: “You’ve Changed”