This alternative band from South Wales, UK is taking the music scene by storm. Having just released their debut full length, Love Is Not Enough, Casey is eager for the reactions on this very personal album. With the attention to detail and love of the craft that has been shown while writing and producing this album, there’s no wonder as to why each song and lyric is so relatable to anyone who listens to it.

It’s easy to tell when a band puts in a lot of work on an album and makes it so personal, Love Is Not Enough, is no exception. Vocalist/lyricist Tom Weaver took the time to answer a few questions and give us a little insight on their new album.

Kaitlin: Are there any current artists who influence your writing or music?

Tom: “I’ve always gravitated toward music with a strong lyrical presence, so I guess over the years I’ve stayed true to albums that have really resonated with me vocally, and they tend to be the ones I revisit if I find myself needing inspiration.  Bayside’s The Walking Wounded is a good example, or POS’s Never Better.  As for current artists though, Julien Baker is a current favorite, and I’m very much looking forward to the new A Lot Like Birds album.”

Kaitlin: You guys have just recently released your debut full length, Love Is Not Enough, what has been your favorite part about releasing it?

Tom: “Finally having it out in the world, and hearing people’s feedback on it.  It was a very personal endeavor for us, as far as possible we tried to keep the whole process very in-house, so now when people let us know what they think, we take it very much to heart.”

Kaitlin: What is something that you enjoy doing outside of music, that contributes to your musicality?  Possibly a hobby that you turn to, in order to rejuvenate your creativity?

Tom: “I have a fairly lengthy bus commute to work every day, so I use that time to read as much as I can.  I’m one of the fortunate few who doesn’t get nauseous when reading on public transport, so I’ll go through a book every week or two.  Outside of that I just listen to a lot of music, to say that I get the value out of my Spotify subscription would be an understatement.” (he laughs)

Kaitlin: Since being in a band, what is one of the most important/hardest things you’ve learned?

Tom: “Looking after yourself on tour is a priority, not an option.  Whenever we’re away we make sure that we get a good meal every day, we always keep a case of water in the van, and whenever we can, we’ll book a cheap hostel to make sure everyone has a bed and a shower.  I guess it flies in the face of expectation of the modern touring experience, where 7 guys cram onto the floor of a one bedroom flat every night to try and save some money, but honestly, I’d much rather be broke and in reasonable health than be able to say I made £100 at a show but feel like trash.”

Kaitlin: What’s your song writing process?

Tom: “We try to write as a group wherever possible, one of us will bring an idea to the practice room and we’ll just see how it develops from there.  Then once we’ve got it to a place where we’re all happy, Toby will take it away and get a solid demo recorded, and then we’ll all listen back and offer our amendments.”

Kaitlin: What is one of your favorite things about touring and playing live shows?

Tom: “It’s a great way to travel and meet new, like-minded people.  There are so many cities that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting through touring, that otherwise I wouldn’t have ever really thought of going.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to make friends all over the world because of playing shows and making music; it really is a blessing.”

Kaitlin: What’s personally your favorite song you’ve ever written?

Tom: “I guess it’s difficult to say, as a lyricist, I tend to have particular lines that I really like more often than entire songs.  I really do like the lyrics to “Mourning”, which is the closing song on our debut.”

Kaitlin: Do you have any advice for kids who are just starting out in a band?

Tom: “Patience is a virtue that should be exercised liberally.”

Kaitlin: Describe your music in three words?

Tom: “Emotive post-hardcore.”

Kaitlin: What can we look forward to in the future from Casey?

Tom: “The same as any other band I guess; more shows, more music.”

Listen to Casey’s debut album, Love Is Not Enough, below:

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