There’s nothing more exciting to a fan than a band getting back together.  That’s exactly what this band is doing, well for one show at least.  For the first time with the complete original line up since breaking up back in October of 2010.  The Friday Night Boys have announced they will be reuniting and playing So What?! Music Festival this weekend!

Forming back in 2006, this pop punk band from Fairfax, Virginia, put out 3 EP’s and an album within four years which has allowed them to create a fanbase that is still around today.  The band consists of Andrew Goldstein, Mike Toohey, Robby Reider, and Chris Barrett.

I don’t know who is more excited for this show, us fans or the band!  I had the pleasure of catching up with Andrew to ask him about the possible future of The Friday Night Boys and what they’ve been up to since the break up.

Kaitlin: I know the band has been out of the music scene for a few years now, what have you guys been up to?

Andrew: “We all have jobs doing things we enjoy.  I have been writing and producing for pop artists which has been a great experience.”

Kaitlin: You’ve announced a reunion show, this March at So What?! Music Festival.  How excited are you to play together as a full band again?

Andrew: “I honestly can’t wait!  We haven’t played together since 2010 so it’s going to be an amazing experience.  Luckily, we are all meeting in Dallas a few days prior so we can get reacquainted with playing the songs together.”

Kaitlin: Aside from excitement, what other emotions, if any, are you feeling towards this reunion show?

Andrew: “I feel happiness and fulfillment because I really miss the other members of Friday Night Boys and more importantly the fans that would see us time and time again.  It’s going to be an experience to remember.”

Kaitlin: Have you guys been planning a reunion show for a while now or was it more of a spur of the moment decision to get together and play So What?! In March?

Andrew: “We had talked about it but it never felt like it was the right time in the past.  I ran into one of my good friends Mike Ziemer (who is also the promoter for So What?!) at a Yellowcard concert a few months back and he asked if we wanted to do a reunion show.  I know Mike always makes his events A+ so I knew we had to do it.”

Kaitlin: Can the fans hope for any future shows/music from you guys as a full band?

Andrew: “At the moment, this is the only show we have scheduled and we have no plans to release new music.  We will have to see if more shows down the road is a possibility, but for now, you will have to catch us exclusively at So What?! Music Festival March 24-26, 2017.  After the show, I will play any FNB song people didn’t hear in the set acoustic at our merch table!”

Surprise kick off show announced!!


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