After a long break (again) Bandcamp Adventures are back! This week, we’ll be looking a the Indie Rock tag. Something that I’m recently getting into after finally listening to bands like From Indian Lakes and Lydia. Expect a lot of music in this list resembling them (but also some different shit). Enjoy!

– 1 –

Val Son – Miracles

Minneapolis, Minnesota

tags: experimental, experimental folk, indie rock, pop, psychedelic

Some really chill, atmospheric indie/folk rock.


– 2 –

Say Sue Me – Say Sue Me

Busan, South Korea

tags: alternative, surf rock, indie pop, indie rock, post-punk, punk, shoegaze, surfgaze

Really cool indie/surf rock out of South Korea.


– 3 –

Lenses, Maps – Lenses Maps EP

Melbourne, Australia

tags: rock, emo, indie rock, midwest emo, twinkle daddies

Midwest emo from Australia? Sign. Me. Up. All the Australian bands I find are amazing and this project is no exception to that.


– 4 –

lifetime achievement award – year of the smudge

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

tags: alternative, d.i.y., indie rock, singer-songwriter

Some DIY indie rock I dug.


– 5 –

Vesper Sails – Cheshire King

San Francisco, California

tags: rock experimental rock, indie rock, jazz rock, math rock, progressive

I’d more describe this as something like The Butterfly Effect at times. The tags will give you a pretty good idea of some of the sounds you’ll hear with this though. Super solid release.


– 6 –

Kid Brother – Baltimore Street Rat


tags: alt., alternative, rock, alternative rock, indie rock, poprock, shoegaze

This band wouldn’t be out of place on the radio at all. Although I never really listen to the radio so they might? And I wouldn’t know. But yeah this band is cool give them a listen.


– 7 –


Dallas, Texas

tags: alternative, pop, alternative rock, indie pop, indie rock

Another band that wouldn’t be at all out of place on the radio.


– 8 –

Cloud Hands – Qualms

Elon, North Carolina

tags: alternative, rock, alternative rock, indie, indie rock, post rock

This is the most “From Indian Lakes”-ey band on this list. They’re super good. I like em.


– 9 –

Roman – Safe And Sound Hotel EP

Portland, Oregon

tags: alternative, rock, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, indie rock

This is really relaxing music and I like it a lot and they’re from my neck of the woods (kinda).


– 10 –

Self Deafence – Self Deafence

Moscow, Russia

tags: rock, emo, indie rock, midwest, post-hardcore, punk

More on the punk/post hardcore side of things but this band is super cool.


– 1 1–

The Northeastern Railroads – Hope

Boston, Massachusetts

tags: alternative, dream pop, indie, indie rock, shoegaze

At the time of posting there was only one song available to listen to, but it absolutely blew me away. If it’s any indicator of the rest of the album, you won’t wanna miss this.


– 1 2–

Barcelos – Blairgowrie//Romantic

Melbourne, Australia

tags: alternative, ambient, indie rock

Insert comment about how Australian bands are too good. Cause this is most certainly the case. This is a really cool release (and I may even consider copping that 7″ even with the absurd amount of shipping)


– 1 3–

a certain smile – Fits & Starts

Portland, Oregon

tags: indie pop, rock, dreampop, fuzzpop, indie, indie rock, shoegaze

Another band from kind of my neck of the woods! There were only two songs at the time of posting but they were both super good and catchy.


– 1 4–

Bird Concerns – Is This Really Love?

Los Angeles, California

tags: alternative, pop rock, surf rock, west coast, garage rock, indie, indie rock

Might as well call the indie and surf rock bandcamp adventure cause there have been quite a few surf rock tagged bands on here. Not that I’m complaining.


– 1 5–

Pembleton – Past Tense

Bristol, UK

tags: indie punk, pop punk, punk, punk rock, rock, indie rock

I clicked on this album because the dog reminded me of that “maximum overdrive dog” meme or whatever. The music was super good and I looked like this dog when I listened to this EP through a few times.