One of most respected names in techno music is Chris Liebing. Calling Frankfurt, Germany,  he has been playing for 20+ years to audiences all over the globe. To him, it’s not about playing hit after hit. He would rather take his audiences to another dimension.

“Nothing against drops and good moments but you want to get the crowd into such a different world that they forget where they are and why they wanted to go and they find themselves like, ‘What just happened? What was that?’”

“You might enter the club with your own problems,” Liebing said. “Work issues, problems at home, whatever. You might try to solve your problems in different ways, for example, alcohol or other substances. Or you can come onto the dancefloor, let everything go and work it out through the music.”


Chris’s current setup is based around MASCHINE and TRAKTOR PRO 2 software running on one computer – synced with Ableton Link. The audio runs from an Orion Antelope Soundcard through a PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 Mixer, with two Allen & Heath Xone K2 Controllers controlling TRAKTOR. To play live drum hits and add additional percussion and sounds, he uses MASCHINE MIKRO. Additionally, he uses MASCHINE JAM to adjust the volume on individual sounds, tweak performance effects, and step sequence additional elements.

CHRIS LIEBING LIVE (2-hour set at Fuse in Brussels)

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