“Do It Yourself,” they say. “It’ll be easy,” they say. Who are “they”? Do they have experience accomplishing a daunting task by doing it themselves? Or have they just done light remodels around the house and now have a chip on their shoulders? DIY has become one of those umbrella terms that fails to truly encompass the spectrum of struggle that different endeavors include. For example, writing, tracking, mixing and mastering your band’s EP in a DIY fashion takes much more time and effort than hanging up drywall or re-tiling your bathroom. On their latest EP Foolish Fire — due out tomorrow, March 10th — San Diego post-hardcore band Sea of Trees have taken on the DIY duty and made that hard work pay off.

Foolish Fire includes three raw, spunky tracks with vocalists Aldrynne Eslava and Sasha Gordy trading off blistering screams and soaring melodies as guitarists Sinoe Chavez and Jesse McDonald work in tandem with bassist Garrison Huff and drummer Jerrin “Moogz” Foote. The sound hearkens back to the Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean days of Dance Gavin Dance with the eclectic, ever-changing songwriting, call-and-response vocals, and intricate rhythms. The band is very proud of having brought this music together on their own, and rightfully so as Sea of Trees has a bright future ahead of them if they continue to build from here.

In addition to granting us early access to the EP, which is streaming below, co-vocalist Aldrynne Eslava graciously provided an impressive top ten list of the most influential vocalists in his life:

10) Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada): The Devil Wears Prada is the band that got me into the -core genre. His vocal style, though said to be not very healthy for him, was extremely diverse from all the metalcore bands I had heard back when I was a teenager.

9) Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die): Keith Buckley demonstrates extreme, fast-paced, non-stop vocals. He’s a powerhouse live and in studio.

8) Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin): Seeing Circa live for the first time this year on the 10 Year anniversary of On Letting Go opened my eyes to just how strong of a vocalist Anthony Green really is. Hearing him execute his parts so smoothly and buttery was out of this world coupled by his sporadic stage presence, it was pure bliss for my ears.

7) Zach de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine): A genre I couldn’t really get into as a kid was rap but when I discovered that this metal band mixed both rap and metal, I instantly was entertained and in love with the idea. Being on a stage, you could sing/rap/scream about anything and Zach chooses to do so with his political beliefs to try to make a difference and, to me, that’s admirable.

6) Garret Russell (Silent Planet):
Garret’s writing style provokes deep intellectual thought. Silent Planet is dominantly focused on lyrics which Garrett perfectly screams live and it’s rather impressive to see and hear.

5) Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari):
Rou has a stage, something important to say, and has the attitude of change he hopes to see in the world on and off stage and that, to me, is remarkable. He puts 100% into every performance making every Enter Shikari show a fun time.

4) Andrew Wells (Eidola):
Eidola’s lyrics are written by Andrew and also cause the listener to actively think and question life both spiritually and physically. That added with Andrew’s powerful voice create an emotional mental roller coaster and it’s amazing!

3) Jason Butler (letlive.): With letlive.’s outstanding discography, how could they possibly get better? Seeing Jason Butler live, that’s how. Jason radiates so much passion and energy live that it makes for the perfect show experience.

2) Kurt Travis (Ex-Dance Gavin Dance/A Lot Like Birds, Eternity Forever, Push Over): Kurt is the reason I’m in this scene to begin with and every record he has put out has been absolutely incredible! Kurt has an original and versatile voice which can tap into several genres from funky to indie to ambient to post hardcore.

1) Jon Mess (Dance Gavin Dance/Secret Band): Jon’s vocal and lyric styles are both out of this world and unique. That plus the way he pulls off his parts flawlessly live is the reason he’s my favorite vocalist and biggest influence.

Give the EP a spin a day early and pick it up tomorrow when it’s available on Sea of Trees’ bandcamp page! Don’t forget to visit the band’s Facebook page, as well, to keep up with news of shows and future releases!