Indie math rockers Honestly Probably out of Jensen Beach, FL mix catchy riffs and heavy drums in their new E.P. Wave and Leave. With lyrics like “I’ve got an awful day in mind something to hide behind til I’m with you tonight” the male/female shadowy vocals hit you right in the feels. If you need something cool and calm to listen to with songs that will get stuck in your head for days check out this band. I had a chance to ask them some questions about their journey so far as Honestly Probably.


TC: I really like the name of your band. How did you come up wih it and how did you guys originally form?

Kate: “We were throwing around names for a while, it was really hard to decide. Our drummer Chase thought up the name and we all thought it was pretty cool play on words. I suggested moving the PA one way or another and ended up saying “honestly probably it would be better like this” or something like that. It was pretty much settled after that.”

“As for forming, Johnnie, Jason and I had written and performed together previously and we were all ready and in the mindset to write a new record and determined to support it to the best of our ability. Chase was in a band a few years ago and works with Johnnie. He came by for a jam and it just clicked. He was really motivated, like we were, so it felt very organic.”

TC: What are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Kate: “Cat Power, Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails.”

Jason: “Jan Laurenz, Andy McKee.”

Chase: “A Day To Remember.”

Johnnie: “Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, AFI, Blink 182, jazz guitarist Brian Betz gave me guitar lessons.”

TC: What are some of your favorite bands you have had the chance to see live or play with? Is there anyone you have had the chance to meet that you look up to as a role model?

Kate: “I got sick from the heat after being front row at a Nine Inch Nails club show in 2005. So I puked in front of Trent Reznor. I didn’t want to lose my front row spot so I never left to get water. I got pulled over the guard rail and kicked out an emergency exit. And then talked my way back in to buy a tour hoodie.”

Johnnie: “I met Anthony Green. He seems to embody the songs on stage. Great stage presence.”

Jason: “I got to meet Minus the Bear once. Really nice people.”

Chase: “I met A Day To Remember at a The Story So Far show they were really cool.”

TC: When going into the studio what is your writing process like?

Kate: “The writing process is pretty simple. We build off of each other’s ideas. Someone comes up with a riff and we’ll usually jam through the idea and find different elements we want to incorporate into a song. Sometimes riffs are married to a vocal melody but most times it’s not.”

TC: One of my favorite songs off the new E.P. is “Confess.” Can you explain the meaning behind the song?

Johnnie: “It’s about me taking my girlfriend back and her trashing my house and every girl I ever date cheats on me but then we write songs.”

Kate: “I think a lot of our songs come from some sort of experience. When I write vocals for a song it’s usually about several experiences. It’s definitely not something we ask each other about during the writing process – “what’s that lyric about?” It feels a bit like ‘hey, let me read your diary’.”

TC: What is your favorite song that you have written so far?

Kate: “”Lay a Lure” off our new EP is probably my favorite.”

Johnnie: “The newest song we’ve written is always my favorite.”

Chase: “”Confess”, it’s our most aggressive song, it’s fast, fun to play.”

Jason: “”West Philly” is a song Johnnie and I wrote together quite a few years ago on acoustic. It’s changed a lot since then.”

TC: Since being in a band, what is the most important thing you have learned?

Johnnie: “Don’t get so down on yourself. It doesn’t fix anything and you can drag other people down in the process. Even the worst gig has a silver lining.”

TC: What’s your favorite fast food stop when you are on tour?

Kate: “Definitely Taco Bell or any taco stand in relative distance to the gig. Chinese food is a strong second.”

TC: What are you listening to right now?

Kate: “I scored Tim Kasher- Adult Film and The XX- On Hold single on vinyl recently.”

Chase: “The Story So Far, Silversun Pickups.”

Johnnie: “6lack, JANK.”

Jason: “Minus The Bear, Chon.”

TC: Outside of Honestly Probably, what else do you enjoy doing?

Kate: “I like to DIY any and everything. In particular sew my own clothes. I’ve actually gigged in stuff I’ve made.”

Chase: “I surf and skate.”

Johnnie: “I like to sleep behind pizza joints.”

TC: What can we look forward to in the future from Honestly Probably?

Kate: “We’re writing some new songs now. At minimum we’ll have another release this year, though it will probably end up being two smaller releases. We plan to gig around as much as possible.”

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