Candy Hearts can be described as an indie/pop-punk band comprised of three New York, New Jersey natives. This east coast band includes singer/guitarist Mariel Loveland, drummer Mathew Ferraro, and bassist John Clifford. Throughout the years, the band has put out three albums and four EP’s.

With lyrics that reflect true stories, the songs become something that fans can listen to and easily connect with. This band is no stranger to hard work and they have gotten to the place where they are now because of it. Their work ethic is highly respectable and they pose a great example to bands alike. They are taking the pop punk scene by storm and have only exciting things planed for the future, including a new album and a summer tour.

Photo by: Sami Wideberg

Kaitlin: What’s your favorite part about being in Candy Hearts?

Mariel: “My favorite part of being in my band is all of the people I get to connect with.  Some of the things I’ve written about are really hard for me – times my hearts been broken or I’ve felt really depressed – and meeting fans who say that that song maybe helped them or they’re going through the same this is just so amazing to me.  I’m so grateful I get to connect with other people that way.”

Kaitlin: What are you working on right now?

Mariel: “Right now I’m working on releasing a new record.  I’d say it’s about 98% finished (because I can’t help myself and I keep going back and adding things!).  I’m also planning a summer tour with an awesome friend so I’ve been thinking about everything having to do with that – the songs, the merch, how on earth I’m going to get my van that hasn’t been started in a year to run.”

Kaitlin: Musically, who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Mariel: “My favorite artist of all time, hands down is The Weakerthans.  They inspire me so much with their lyrics because when it comes to lyrics, there’s not a single act that can come close. I’d also say the Menzingers too!  They’re amazing lyricists that I just wish I could write songs like.

As far as sounds go, my new music has been really influenced by Hasley, Taylor Swift, and 21 Pilots.  I love the way they all combine guitars and electronic sounds.”

Kaitlin: What is something that you enjoy doing outside of music, that contributes to your musicality?  Possibly a hobby that you turn to, in order to rejuvenate your creativity?

Mariel: “I’m a writer, so my day job is writing!  It definitely helps me get in a creative space, but I’m not sure it rejuvenates me.  What really, honestly rejuvenates me is stepping away and having a great time with my friends or playing an awesome show.”

Kaitlin: What’s your song writing process?

Mariel: “If I don’t have the pressure of needing an album to be written by a certain deadline, I usually start by having a melodic idea that comes to me when I’m walking around, commuting somewhere or showering or something.  I sing to my cat a lot when I’m at home.

Once I have that idea, I’ll develop it from there.  I typically have a bunch of lyrical ideas saved to my phone to draw some.  When things happen to me I always write down – hey write about this!  You had a really nice moment the other day riding the train home and you have to get that out eventually when the right melody comes to you.”

Kaitlin: What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written?

Mariel: “I think my favorite song ever written is one from my new album called “February 4th”.  I had been having a hard time trying to put all the things I feel about my boyfriend and what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship into words, which isn’t really something I usually have trouble with.  I think the song just perfectly captures it, even if it’s not typically the kind of music we play.”

Kaitlin: Since being in a band, what is one of the most important/hardest things you’ve learned?

Mariel: “Grow a spine!  I think it’s really easy to ignore your gut feelings when you’re new in the Industry and starting to find some success and the labels, people you work with, friend’s who’s opinion you value, tell you to do certain things or not to do certain things.  It’s really easy to ignore that thing screaming inside you saying “Wait I think this isn’t the best way we could be doing things”.

A brilliant, successful musician once told me “No one is going to work harder for your band than you, no matter how much you pay them.” And that’s something I really always took to heart and think all musicians need to know.  It’s so terribly easy to fall into the trap of waiting for your manager or booking agent to find an opportunity or relying on your record label’s PR person to promote your record.  You’re discrediting yourself if you do that because what got you to the point of having those people was your hard work.  You’ve gotta keep doing it to grow and what those other people do for you is an added bonus!”

Photo by: Sammy Roenfeldt

Kaitlin: What can we look forward to in the future from Candy Hearts?

Mariel: “Well, I can tell ya that we’re hitting the road this summer and I’ve got a new album just sitting on my hard drive torturing me because no one has heard it yet!”

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