Nowhere Is Home is one of the best indie rock band’s in the scene right now. Get to know the band a little better with a look into the albums that have inspired the band’s guitar player/lead vocalist.
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Radiohead- In Rainbows
“I love this album so much it’s not even funny. This band really changed the way that I see
music and what it means to me. This record has actually influenced me the most in my
musical tastes, and hell, I probably wouldn’t be playing music now in all honesty. It’s
funny because I actually forced Josh to listen to it all summer back in 2014 before this
band was even thought of forming. It’s been my favorite record since I first listened to it
early in high school and it’ll probably stay that way for a long time.”

From Indian Lakes- Absent Sounds
“This band has been a close second to Radiohead in my favorites list and this record itself
is brilliant. The fact that Joey writes and records all of the instrumentation on his records
is really inspiring to me as a songwriter myself. When this band released “Sleeping Limbs”
as a single I knew this record was going to be a trip. It was such a nice transition of sound
from Able Bodies and very captivating to me.”

Mew- And The Glass Handed Kites
“These guys definitely know how to write interesting music. I remember listening to this
record for the first time in my car not even a year ago and being blown away with the
high grade of musicianship from the rhythm section and guitar work. It’s funny to me
because as soon as I heard this record I realized how influential this band is to some of
my other favorite bands. This album is definitely a great listen.”

Shaimus- Self Titled
“The funny thing is, I discovered this band through the very original Guitar Hero with
their song “All of This” but I adore the sound they had going for them. This record
brings a bit of the weirdness of Radiohead and the poppy sound of Coldplay into mind
when I listen to it. I absolutely love Phil’s vocal melodies, and the ambient
instrumentation on this record. Truth be told, I can see Nowhere is Home pursuing this
sound in the future.”

Sleep Party People- Floating
“Another record from a Danish band made it into my top ten list. I discovered this band
from one of my friends last spring out of randomness. I find it hard to explain my love
for this record in words. The musicianship of this record is so unbelievably interesting to
me as someone who doesn’t normally listen to this style of music in the first place. The
incorporation of synths, vocals, and guitars in this style of music captured me
instantaneously. This album is so great to listen to when you take a long drive in the car
cruising down a highway in the middle of nowhere.”

“+3 Awesomeness Repels Water, is there anything more to be said? Tim Collis’s
guitarwork on this record absolutely blows my mind it’s not even funny. The technicality
from these dudes is nothing short of amazing and it’s the song composition as well really
sets this album to a high standard among the math rock scene. I loved seeing songs from
this record played in a live context when they came through Houston, it was definitely a
memorable experience for me.”

This Will Destroy You- S/T
“I can’t exactly remember when I discovered this band but I’m glad I did. Their self-titled
heavily influenced me on our softer sound not found on our EP but on newer material
that’s played live. I was opened to new doors of music discovering this record that really
brought a love of mine when it came to the post-rock genre itself. The instrumentation on
this record really sets a clear tonal aspect to what ambient music is and can be.”

Moving Mountains- Waves
“I remember discovering and bumping this record for the longest time while I was in
highschool. Listening to this record when Nowhere is Home drove out of town to play
shows was so much fun I can’t even express it. The opening track, “My Life is Like a
Chase Dream” gets me so pumped to do things and make things happen. For those who
haven’t heard this amazing band Waves is a great record to start on. The songwriting and
general musicianship on this record is heavily influential to my songwriting as dynamic
as it is.”

Beck- Sea Change
“I discovered this record when I learned of Beck through my dad actually. The transition
from Midnite Vultures to this record shows a huge reflection in Beck’s creative output
and personal life. It’s a great listen for those who enjoy the softer acoustic singer/songwriter sound. I find this record to be a fantastic break-up record as well.”

The Speed of Sound In Seawater- First Contact
“These guys are fantastic musicians who find a nice bridge between math rock and other
indie music out there. First Contact really stood out to me my freshman year of college
when I first discovered them and provides a nice listen when I’m driving long distances
in the car. I love the sound they have going for them, hopefully they will be able to
release new music in the future.”

Honorable Mentions:
Now Now- Threads
A Lot Like BirdsNo Place
Emery- In Shallow Seas
Weezer- The Blue Album
Paramore- Riot!
Alice In Chains- Dirt
The Mars Volta- The Bedlam In Goliath
Brand New- Daisy
Kurt Travis- Everything is Beautiful
Tera Melos- X’ed Out
Bjork- Debut
Foxing- Dealer
Mogwai- Happy Songs For Happy People