Texas won’t stop producing great bands. Valeluna is a progressive rock outfit from Houston who are yet another reason I feel like I should be living in TX.
Affinity is the group’s second full length LP and manages to stand out with variations on the “post rock” we’re used to hearing.
Get to know what inspires this band as a whole:

Josh Sharer – Keyboards/Trumpet
Bon Iver – Bon Iver
“This album has a calming, nostalgic atmosphere throughout its entirety. It brings me back to a time in my life when my identity was still being formed, when there were no limitations to what I could do and who I could become. It sparks levels of creativity reminiscent of my childhood. Every time I listen I have to play through the whole album. It is a cohesive masterpiece. (This is also one of Ty’s and Justin’s favorite records.)”

Chon – Grow
“The one word I’d use to describe Chon is ‘unique’. They have such a distinct sound, combining odd time signatures with beautiful, jazzy chords. Grow as a whole never gets dull and always leaves me inspired to progress as an artist.”

Justin Allison – Lead vocals/Guitar
Explosions in the Sky – The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
“This is probably the album that pushed me to create music. It strikes a nerve in me that very few records ever could. I believe I’ve only heard four perfect records. This is one of them. I base most of my song writing and guitar tones off Munaf’s and Mark’s playing within this record.”

Jeff Buckley – Grace
“It’s hard to describe this album in any other way but, this is one of those albums that you get drunk and stare at the ceiling to. I think everyone has a record that they only listen to every 3-4 months, but it still resides atop their “All-Time Favorite Records” list. Grace is that record. The vocals, the guitar tones, the song writing, everything is exceptional.”

Aaron Skipper – Percussion
Alter Bridge Blackbird
“Love the vocal styles, high energy drumming, and guitar work. The song “Blackbird” from the album is the perfect culmination of the band’s talents, mixed into a longer than usual, more progressive song.”

Dream Theater – Train of Thought
“This was one of their heavier albums. Always took a good bit of my drumming influence from Portnoy, and there were a ton of solid examples on this album.”

Ty McMahon – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Pink Floyd – Animals
“I believe that this record is David Gilmour’s performance. The progressive songwriting and use of musique concrete in each song really sets an ominous tone throughout the album. The guitar solos are iconic and emotional, and the lyrics do a wonderful job at telling a story with strong political undertones.”

toe – The Book About My Idle Plot On a Vague Anxiety
“This album doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This band does an absolutely wonderful job at creating a serene atmosphere with seemingly basic layers of texture. The guitar work on this record is second to none, and seemingly ahead of it’s time. The counterpoint melodies interwoven throughout the record remind me of a lot of today’s popular instrumental math rock bands.”

Corey Skipper – Bass
Dream Theater – Metropolis Part. 2: Scenes from a Memory
“The first for time every hearing a concept album, that you can actually follow the story from start to finish. The 1st album that really blew my mind from a bass player’s stand point as well. John Myung is still my biggest influence when it comes to writing music, and how he approaches not only the sound, but mainly the backbone with the drummer in extremely intricate songs like “Fatal Tragedy”, “Dance of Eternity”, and “Beyond This Life”, to the extremely slow yet meaningful songs like “Through Her Eyes, One Last Time, and The Spirit Carries On”. Every time I hear this album I go back to the days in which I’m getting started with playing bass, and aspiring to be able to play songs like these. These were the moments that keep pushing me to become even better at my instrument of choice.”

Coheed and Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3
“This CD, this band, is what started the drive to be in real band. C&C: IKSoS3 is what a friend (Jacob Biscamp), and myself practiced every day after school. Even went a bough a cheap recording program from Guitar Center, and basically only recorded our bass / guitar covers for this CD. Besides System of a Down’s Toxicity, this was the only other album that I was determined to learn every song from start to finish, and this goal was achieved. When my first ever band was formed we played 3 songs from this album at all of our shows including all of our originals as well. The main three were of In “Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3”, “The Crowing”, and “The Camper Velourium Pt 2: Backend of Forever”. I remember sitting in a garage all day practicing just about every Coheed song we loved with Jacob Biscamp, Aaron Skipper, and myself until the cops were called…of course. Good times!”

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