Commitment is intimidating. Whether it be a relationship, an art project, a musical endeavor, what have you, committing to it is key. If you half-ass it, it will be reflected in how it’s received. You get back what you put in. That’s what makes it so daunting. You can’t slack off, or the end result will suffer and that kind of responsibility can cause some to freeze up while others encourage it and seek it out. Gardner Beson is the type of person to grab commitment by the collar and tame it.

Known in the music world as GARDNSOUND, Gardner has anointed himself with the responsibility of crafting an original track every day for an entire year (that’s 365 tracks for those who don’t live on planet Earth). He can’t skip even a single day, and, even while coming up on 175 days this week, he’s as rearing to go as when he started and is as ambitious as ever.

“Life isn’t the same show every day”

Based in Atlanta, Gardner Beson is a composition major and a multi-instrumentalist. He realized one day that he had a skill of being able to work out musical ideas very quickly (lucky). It usually starts with a melody or beat in his head and he builds upon it from there with specific instruments in mind. Beginning in August 2016, he decided to begin his year long project — GARDNSOUND 365 — of crafting a new, original song each day (with a few minor exceptions).

On Fridays, Gardner engages his fans with a weekly segment called “Coffee Time,” where he brews a cup and records himself reacting to videos suggested by his fans under a specific theme each week. He also has a segment called “Reconstructed” where he takes a popular song, breaks it down, and reconstructs it with different instruments and elements. Upon reconstructing The Weeknd’s “Starboy” (feat. Daft Punk), his version was so close to the original song that it was flagged for copyright infringement, but the publisher liked the track so much that they let him keep the royalties/revenue from the downloads. How’s that for validation?


On top of his original tracks and recurring segments, Gardner makes use of his composition education and does the occasional tutorial, such as how to remix a song or how to make cookie-cutter EDM. Not singling out any specific genre for too long, he keeps it nice and fresh with each episode with inspiration coming from artists ranging from Ratatat to Nine Inch Nails to John Cage — whose minimalist approach is best known for his infamous silent piece, “4:33” — while throwing in the philosophy of chance and indeterminacy, like literally rolling dice to choose where to go next with a track.

Gardner has a lot of patience and even more big ideas that he’s keeping under wraps for the time being. For now, check out his Youtube Channel, follow GARDNSOUND on FacebookSoundcloudTwitter, and Instagram, and, if you like what you see and hear, give him some support by donating to his Patreon! All the tracks from this project and his previous work is available at his website, to boot!