Rogues Among Us is a band who is definitely staying busy. Following the momentum from their EP, The Watcher, Rogues are starting out 2017 strong with another release.
This new EP is admittedly different than what we’re used to hearing from the band. That’s part of what makes it so intriguing.
I talked with the band about how they started, their new music, and tour.
Get some insight into the making of ROU’s brand new EP, Analysis Paralysis, and let us know what you think of the new material.
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Nick: How long had you guys been playing together as a band before the release of The Watcher?

Rogues: “Mark, Robert and Bradley were together for 4 months before The Watcher was released. Jonathan joined in a little over a year ago.”

N: You describe that EP as “a tale of human consciousness and recognition of one’s own deeds”, can you elaborate on that concept?

R: “It’s not a story, but our observations on people around us and the situations that they are going through. For example, Lesser Grandstander being about someone we knew that killed his family. That is what we do; tell people’s stories.”

N: I know you guys played some shows back in October, which of those cities was your favorite to play?

R: “The San Francisco show was lit! We also really enjoyed Seattle.”

N: How did the recording process go for this new EP?

R: “Working with Stephen Adwell at AMR Studio was a great opportunity for us. Not only that, it was generally an awesome experience.”

N: How would you say your sound has evolved when it comes to the new EP?

R: “The addition of Jonathan Means definitely made our sound more sophisticated and added aptitude. Although our music writing has gotten more advanced, we are still doing the same concept that we started with. This music was written a few months before recording started, whereas The Watcher was written two years before we laid it down. That in its own shows an evolution and advancement of the lyric and song writing process we have gone through.”

N: Can you talk a little about what the concept behind Analysis Paralysis is?

R: “This album is more introspective and personal than The Watcher. You’ll have to listen to see what you personally make of it.”

N: Do you guys have any shows lined up? I need to see you live!

R: “Yes! March 10th will be our EP release show. We will be at The Waughford in Houston with No Rehearsal and Clay Melton Band.”

N: What else do you have planned for 2017?

R: “We’re looking to expand our audience and fanbase outside of Texas. As far as the rest goes, you’ll have to wait and see!”

Check out Rogues Among Us’ brand new EP, Analysis Paralysis, below: