Forming back in 2002, the New Jersey band, Senses Fail has used the last 15 years to put out one EP and six albums.  Breaking into the music scene with the release of their EP From the Depths of Dreams, in 2002, which originally started as two three-song demo CD’s and later joined together to make one release by producer John Naclerio.  This release did very well and ended up catching the attention of multiple record labels.  The band signed to Drive-Thru Records and reissued the EP on April 29, 2003, with two extra tracks, improved mixing, and new cover art.

From here the band went on to release their first full-length, Let It Enfold You in early 2004, Still Searching in 2006, Life Is Not A Waiting Room in 2008, The Fire in 2010, Renacer in 2013, and Pull the Thorns from Your Heart most recently in 2015.

It has been 15 years since the release of Still Searching, and as it deserves, getting its own tour.  Beginning next month, with friends Counterparts, Movements, and Like Pacific.  Senses Fail will be celebrating 15 years of music by performing Still Searching in its entirety.

The mostly original lineup circa 2006.

As a fan I think I can speak for us all when I say that there’s something extremely special to be able to hear an artist perform an entire album live.

I had the pleasure to ask Buddy Nielsen a few questions about tour and the future of Senses Fail.

Kaitlin: I know you guys are about to go on tour, celebrating 15 years of music, and are playing Still Searching, in its entirety.  What’s it like to play an album in its entirety at a live show?

Buddy: “I think it’s super fun.  You never really get to do that when a record comes out because you have to play the songs that got you to that point.  No one really appreciates hearing a new record all the way through because they probably haven’t had the time to digest it.  So having the opportunity to play the record in its entirety is pretty special.”

Kaitlin: Musically, who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Buddy: “David Bazan, Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Thursday.”

Kaitlin: What is something that you enjoy doing outside of music, that contributes to your musicality?  Possibly a hobby that you turn to, in order to rejuvenate your creativity?

Buddy: “I go rock climbing.  Being able to be outside in really beautiful places and on top of really mind blowing mountains is something I can bring back to music.

To be played in its entirety on upcoming tour.

Kaitlin: What’s your song writing process?

Buddy: “Well, it changed through the years.  When the band was five members we all got in a room and would work on someone’s idea.  Now, I jam on guitar, lay it down put some programmed drums to it and come up with a melody and lyrics and when it comes time to record I fine tune the song and tie it all together.”

Kaitlin: What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written?

Buddy: “Probably War Paint.”

Kaitlin: “Since being in a band, what is one of the most important/hardest things you’ve learned?

Buddy: “Nothing matters as much as you think it does, and that is both a blessing and a curse.  It depends on which way you want to view it.

Kaitlin: What is one of your favorite things about touring and playing live shows?

Buddy: “I just love traveling.  I’ve been traveling around the world since I was 18 in this band and it has never really become a burden to me.  I have been shaped by the places I have been.”

Kaitlin: What can we look forward to in the future from Senses Fail?

Buddy: “New record is being written now and it will be recorded this summer.”

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