Ever put on a great album while driving only to arrive before your favorite song has a chance to play? Math rock newcomers, Extrovert, have a solution for you. Their debut EP, Out There, clocks in at just over four minutes long, and does so without feeling like it’s lacking anything at all.

The progressive rock genre is notorious for playing host to songs that are longer than last week’s episode of Law & Order and albums that can keep pace with The Godfather. Therefore, it’s quite a feat when a band with prog leanings (or sub-genres thereof) is able to shorten things up without it taking away from the music’s impact. 

Out There features three tracks, all under two minutes, that deliver unique vocals — which one would usually hear from bands like MeWithoutYou — and meaningful lyrics over bright, eclectic instrumentals. Final track, “Who You Think About, But Can’t Talk About,” has frontman Tyler Perkins warbling, “I think what kills me most is your memory of me is like a terrible dream, but you’re happy when you wake up.” These somber self-reflections are a perfect counter to the light, quick compositions of the music beneath; a type of juxtaposition which hearkens back to memories of records like Maps & Atlases’ debut, Tree, Swallows, Houses and TTNG’s Animals (both released on Sargent House), where a closer look at the words behind the intricate rhythms shows hidden heart.

The EP is currently available on Bandcamp for free, but any proceeds offered are donated directly to a local Atlanta organization, Lost-n-Found Youth, that helps homeless teens — especially teens from the LGBTQ+ community — to get back on their feet. While listening, make sure to give Extrovert a follow on Facebook to get the latest on upcoming US and UK tours that they have in the works, and to pick up the rad Out There cassette tape they just released through Star Rats Records!

*Cover photo courtesy of Hunter Gelson*