You could spend every second of every day seeking out new music and still have more artists and bands to check out tomorrow, yet people complain all the time that there’s no good, new music out there. Remember in Bruce Almighty when Bruce created “Yahweeeh” to keep track of his prayers but the more he answered them, the more they piled up? Kiiiiinda like that, just mostly non-denominational. You can take a momentary break from all that hard work of seeking out new music, for we’ve got you covered on this one.

Hailing from central North Carolina, FS has been honing a signature sound that calls forth the light, technical rhythmic flair of bands like PMToday and Dance Gavin Dance and marries it with grabbing, alternative stylings, complete with strong, heartfelt vocals. The letters stand for Frontside, but the east coast trio decided to shorten the band’s name to FS as they felt the full wording gives off the wrong vibe for their sound. We’ve seen this sort of decision made in the past with bands like TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) and NK (North Korea). If anything, it makes them a tad more unique.


Today, FS are proud to share their newest single, “Almost There,” from their upcoming EP, You, of All People, due to drop on their Bandcamp page on February, 24th! The track showcases FS‘ unique sound of quick hands and a ton of heart without being heavy-handed. Singer/guitarist Walter Stanley brings a tone of just enough distortion, finesse and clarity through his playing and a gruff yet properly gentle approach with his vocals while Josh Grady and Jake Glover bring an aptly complimenting rhythm section together on bass and drums.

Check out the single below, peep some of their previous material and set a reminder for the EP release next month! They’re also planning a spring tour this March, so if you see them coming to your area, don’t hesitate to catch them live! I speak from experience.