What people are calling “mumble rap” is more like the post-hiphop movement of dirty south trap merging into pop music. This sub-genre is hitting the top of the charts everywhere. It’s really entertaining to listen to the music of these pioneering young music producers and rappers that have very little music influences beyond other modern trap and pop. “Mumble rap” reminds me of punk rock. “Liquid heroin” has become extremely popular with dirty Sprite as the choice beverage among the rap community.  Originating in Houston, a major subject and influence in hip-hop for decades is prescription cough syrup. Aside from being a hot subject in this scene, “lean” is also altering the genre’s sound entirely. This sub-genre has grown to emphasize melodic auto-tuned or pitched effected vocals flowing over heavy compressed and sometimes distorted 808 beats.

Below are some song in, near, and around the idea of what “mumble rap” is: