Rogues Among Us are a relatively new alternative/progressive rock band from Houston, TX.
It seems like the Texas rock scene is growing stronger every year and this group in particular is one I see rising fast in 2017.
With one release, The Watcher, under their belt Rogues are preparing to release their second EP, Analysis Paralysis, in February.
This list will be a little different, with all of the members picking a few of their favorite records to make an overall Top 10 for the band. So what influences one of the rock scene’s most powerful up and comers?

Robert Nesby – Guitar/Vocals:
Coheed and Cambria- Good Apollo IV Part One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness
“This album is what introduced me to progressive rock and what it means to be a prog musician. The intricate rhythms and power vocals from this album are an example of what I aspire to be as a musician.”

King Crimson – Power to Believe
Good Apollo was what got me into prog, and Power to Believe was what I believe a perfect album sounds like. Robert Fripp and crew composed an amazing album that has brought me to tears more than a few times.”

Jonathan Means – Drums:
Ben Folds Five- Whatever and Ever Amen

“I used to jam this album in sections because there’s something on it for almost every mood you’re in. From jaded and withered love to callous hatred for your exes, this album has it all for the existentially and emotionally angsty among us.”

Nightmare of You- Self Titled
“From trashy glam rock to hipster synths, this album always got me ironically pumped for writing lyrics or getting into trouble around town. A bit abrasive at first to some people, the vocal melodies and lyrics seem to touch a special dark place for a lot of people.”

Bradley Fryou – Guitar/Vocals:

Radiohead- OK Computer 

The Mars Volta-  De-Loused in the Comatorium
“The colors and textures in these two albums changed the way I perceive sounds. Evoking an emotion through sound is not simply a result of choosing the correct notes and rhythms. I try to create my own unique textures and colors in my music writing because of the way these two albums affected me.”

Kyle Rodriguez – Bass:

Pink Floyd- Dark Side Of The Moon
“Pink Floyd started my obsession with music and it began with this album. After hearing it, I started digging deeper into Pink Floyd including their beginnings in the 60’s with Syd Barrett. Roger Waters became a huge influence to me on bass guitar, “Money” was the first thing I ever learned on bass.”

Queens of the Stone Age- …Like Clockwork ”
“It was one of those albums that just completely captivated me from start to finish. Every song on the album is phenomenal, and is just full of outstanding groove. It’s truly a work of art and I aspire to the musicianship these guys have.”

Mark Benavides – Lead Vocals/Keys:

Gabriel Kahane- The Ambassador
“Probably one of the best albums of 2014 that not a lot of people are going to know about. What Kahane does within this album, musically and lyrically, would be considered nothing less than genius. When I heard this album for the first time, I felt like I had been instantly pulled into his small world, telling the stories of different people and what they had to offer within their own fictional world. A beautiful album from start to finish and requires headphones or a good set of speakers to really grasp all of the colors that were brought to life in it.”

Incubus- Morning View
“For months in high school, I listened to this album thoroughly. When I woke up, at school when the teachers weren’t looking, when I got home, to when I went to sleep. Brandon Boyd’s vocals imprinted on not only my vocal melodies, but also my overall style for my own vocals. To me, nothing beats a drive with Mexico blasting through the stereo.”


Rogues Among Us is dropping their new EP, Analysis Paralysis, on 2//10/2017!
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