For those of us who are tired of hearing the same 2 versions of the same handful of songs on the radio, while we’re shopping, on T.V., and pretty much everywhere else.
Luckily for us some of our favorite bands have given us a new generation of holiday music.


Bright Eyes- “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” 
Taken from the band’s 2002 album on which they covered popular Christmas songs. Of course, Conor and Co. add a haunting, dark element to these usually cheery tunes.

Fall Out Boy- “What’s This?” 
Originally performed by Jack Skellington in the cult classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. With their unique brand of theatrical rock FOB gives up a pop version without ruining the song.

My Chemical Romance- “All I Want for Christmas is You”
Gerard Way doing a cover of Mariah Carey? I never thought I’d see the day either, yet here we are. Certainly unexpected and definitely welcome this holiday season.

Blink 182- “Won’t Be Home for Christmas” 
This song speaks for itself. For anyone who relates to the phrase “leave me alone” during the holidays.

Panic! At The Disco- “White Christmas” 
I think at this point we’ve seen that this is a band who’s not afraid to cover any type of song. Long before they revisited Queen’s catalog they gave us their take on this holiday classic.

NeverShoutNever- “30 Days”
Christofer Drew gives us all the holiday song our inner 14 year old desires. Just a guy and his guitar reminding us all we still have feelings.

Brand New- “O Holy Night”
One of my favorite tracks on this list. Somehow they managed to make it creepy while still maintaining the feel of being in a warm house while it’s snowing outside.