It’s almost unbelievable how quickly 2016 flew by. For a lot of us it was a stressful year and we finally have an excuse to imbibe in the name of social obligation.
The best thing about holiday parties is the drinks (besides cookies, of course ). Here are a few simple ideas for healthy cocktails you can make at your own party.
These recipes come from one of our favorite sites,

Peach Melba:
Pretty straight forward drink with a base of raspberries and peach and everyone’s favorite: champagne. The raspberries are full of antioxidants so have a few, guilt free.

Blue Margaritas:
Any citrus fans, here’s your drink this holiday season. Classic mix of orange and lime juice (both very high in vitamin C) and some Blue Curacao for color.

Cocoa Nog:
Basically the adult take on chocolate milk. Upgrade your egg nog this year. Chocolate has been proven to prevent heart disease and keep your cholesterol in check. This will be your new favorite dessert drink.

Golden Appple:
Imagine apple cider but with vodka. It sounds amazing because it is. Try this easy, low calorie (97 per serving) recipe at your next get together.