This week’s Bandcamp Adventures will be looking at music tagged with the Math Pop tag! Enjoy!

– 1 –

Alban B. Clay (2014) – The Slaughterhouse 5


tags: alternative, rock, art rock, alternative pop, alternative rock, death pop, math pop, math rock

Tim Brown (Icarus the Owl) included this in his Top 10 list but I didn’t really give it as good of a listen as I should have right of the bat. He messaged me telling me to listen to this and that I should do a Bandcamp Adventures post on whatever niche it was (I went with math pop). After giving it a real listen, I can’t really stop listening to anything else. This is a great concept album. It’s just a great album period. Listen to it. Please?


– 2 –

Friends in Theory – Friends in Theory

Stockholm, Sweden

tags: alternative, diy, emo, emo rock, math pop, math rock, pop rock, twinkle

So there’s only one song for this EP up (at the time of posting), but it was fucking perfect. Really poppy vocals over some rad instrumental tracks that just scream Math Rock!


– 3 –

Half Moon – Echoscape

Osaka, Japan

tags: alternative, brooklyn, fingerstyle, indie folk, math folk, math pop, math rock, post rock, singer-songwriter

This is a really cool folky/mathy release. There’s a mix between Japanese and English vocals (which is awesome). The instrumentals manage to convey as much emotion as the vocals. Check it out for sure.


– 4 –

Maxed Out – Options

Chicago, Illinois

tags: edm, rock, hard rock, indie rock, math pop, soft rock, trap influenced

Really chill indie rock with some mathy influences (among some other things). Check it out!


– 5 –

Night Idea – Audiotree Live – Night Idea

Richmond, Virginia

tags: rock, indie, indie prog, math pop, math rock, progressive

So it’s just their audiotree session, but I think the best indicator of a band is they live performances right? And this one blew me away. Definitely check out this band (and their older releases).


– 6 –

Semi playback… ou pas ! ( bientôt en k7 ) – Semi Playback

Agen, France

tags: rock, math pop, math rock, indie rock

Really chill instrumental mathy rock goodness. Get ready to dance around.


– 7 –

Historyboard – Lascavx

Buenos Aires, Argentina

tags: rock, emo, hardcore, instrumental, math pop, math rock, post hardcore, progressive punk

Instrumental math rocky stuff (like above) get ready for the fun dancing fit that math rock/pop/whatever typically brings!


– 8 –

Old Tricks – Dream Boss

Brooklyn, New York

tags: alternative, dreamwave, math pop, psych jazz

Okay this is really really really really coolLike holy shit this band is cool, and to my knowledge fairly unique? Jazzy, alternative, math pop. Give it a solid listen.


– 9 –

Si nada es cierto, todo es posible – YO TRICERATOP


tags: alternative, emo, facgce, math pop, math rock, twinkly

Emo math rock/pop? Yes please. I don’t know what they’re saying because I never took Spanish classes, but like. It’s really cool. Do the thing.


– 10 –

Narcia – Narcia

Tokyo, Japan

tags: 1999, alternative, acoustic, diy, emo, indie, indie emo, indie rock, math pop, math rock, post hardcore, post rock, punk, skramz

They recorded this in a room with two microphones and captured the vibe perfectly. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be as floored as I was with this release. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.


– 1 1–

Puentes – Hélices

Antofagasta, Chile

tags: experimental, instrumental, jazzy, math pop, math rock, post rock, punk

Dancy math rock/pop from Chile. You know what to do.


– 1 2–

Fatty (Deluxe Edition) – The Venus De Melos

Brooklyn, New York

tags: diy, experimental, one man band, rock, indie rock, math pop, math rock, mathcore, prog, prog metal, progressive, progressive metal

This is really cool. Also, shout out to the Hemi fam! There was also a bleugh.


– 1 3–

NOW – Seahorse Divorce

Brisbane, Australia

tags: alternative, groovy, indie, jazzy, math pop, whatever

Whatever’s in the water or food down there needs to make it’s way out here. So many talented bands from Australia I swear.


– 1 4–

trendy dog and her home in the mountains – trendy dog with sunglasses

Saint Cloud, Florida

tags: acoustic, acoustic pop, emo, emo pop, indie folk, indie pop, lofi, math pop

I’m always a sucker for acoustic music. The vocals are really rad too. And it’s lofi (but not the kind of lofi that makes my ears hate me).


– 1 5–

 Aircraft Road – Smooth Aviator

Atlanta, Georgia

tags: alternative, math pop, math rock, prog rock

Chill math stuff what is poppy with female vocals. It gets nice and Jazzy at times too.