Earlier this year Belle Noire released one of the most emotionally honest and complete records I’ve heard in a long time.
In case you missed my interview with Joey from the release you can find that HERE.
Once I heard What It Means To Be it was clear why it had taken so long to finish. The product was well worth the wait. Between touring relentlessly in support of the release and writing new material Joey sat down and shared his favorite albums with us.
*Main image by Michael-Rex Carbonell @brownmetal

Thrice- Vhiessu
“Most influential record of my life. It really helped to shape me as a songwriter. I can still listen to it from start to finish all the time.”
Favorite Song: “Of Dust and Nations”

Thrice- The Artist in the Ambulance
“Once again, Thrice, they are my Beatles.”
Favorite Song: “Silhouette”

Finch- What it is to Burn
“This record still gets a lot of play in my car. I love everything about it.”
Favorite Song: “Awake”

Dr. Dre- 2001
“I was a youngster when this came out,  but it was the soundtrack to a lot of my youth.”
Favorite Song: “Still Dre” & “Fuck You”

Architects- Hollow Crown
“I was trying to improve some of my guitar playing when this record came out. The title track hits me so hard in the feels every time.”
Favorite Song: “Hollow Crown”

Turnover- Peripheral Vision
“This record is and has been on regular rotation for me. Such a great reverb heavy, well- written record.”
Favorite Song: “Hello Euphoria”

Tame Impala- Currents
“The first time I heard this record I was hooked immediately. Great record to put on and chill.”
Favorite Song: “Love/Paranoia”

Blindside- Silence
“Another staple to the intro of being a musician for me. I still love everything about this record.”
Favorite Song: “Sleepwalking” & “Painting”

Bayside- Self Titled
“Bayside will always be a band I respect and admire so much. Anthony always keeps it honest lyrically, and I love it.”

Favorite Song: “Tortures of the Damned”

Circa Survive- Blue Sky Noise
“I was lucky to catch Circa in a tiny club in San Jose touring this album when it was brand new. Circa’s “best album” opinions spark debate. I’m a huge On Letting Go, and Juturna fan, but this record was so well written, I will always jam BSN.”

Favorite Song: “Frozen Creek”

Honorable Mentions: 

Oh, Sleeper- When I am God 

Darkest Hour- Undoing Ruin 

August Burns Red-Constellations 

Metallica- Ride the Lightning

Listen to Belle Noire‘s newest album What It Means To Be below: