The 1972 @ Blackpool Tower Hall

The 1972 @ Blackpool Tower Ballroom

To close out BBC Radio One’s month of Live Lounge performances, the boys of The 1975 along with the BBC Philharmonic, treated a packed Blackpool Tower Ballroom to an enchanting evening of music. The band worked with Sam Swallow to compose the stunning hour long set. Along with world renown concertmaster Yuri Torchinsky and conductor Richard Davis. Honestly, if you have an hour to spare you MUST watch this! Opening with the interlude, I like it when you are sleeping for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, the unexpected cast of musicians set the tone for an incredible evening. There’s a truly haunting rendition of A Change of Heart around the 14th minute mark. Fittingly, Somebody Else follows. The set progressively goes from up beat to emotional tracks mostly from their sophomore album with the exception of their first hit Chocolate at the 56th minute mark. They close strong with a magical, lively performance of The Sound. Perhaps some of the luckiest people in the world, the audience is entranced the full duration of the concert. Lead singer, Matty Healy, admits being brought to tears during the set.

“I was crying today, at times,” frontman Matty Healy told BBC after their initial rehearsal for the big performance. “The orchestra really makes the up moments more celebratory and the down moments more introspective and melancholy. It’s the first time I’ve wanted to do another run through of a soundcheck. It was incredible.”


The band released their sophomore album in February and every single so far has been an absolute hit. They kick off their North American tour Thursday in Arizona. Tickets are still available for most stops! In the meantime, check out this legendary performance that is bound to send chills down your spine and influence you to check out The 1975!Amanda