When/why did you become a DJ/producer?

“My dad was a DJ and he gave me thousands of vinyl records, a pair of Technics, and a mixer when I was about 15. I didn’t really know what to make of all of it, but I dug through those crates like everyday, looking for hidden gems and practicing my craft. In high school I found out about FL Studio. I would just make hip hop beats and rap over them…or try to at least (he laughs). Pretty much after that I got Serato and took on gigs as a DJ.”

Where do you usually perform?

“I live in Orlando, but host weekly parties on the Florida Atlantic coast. Friday nights is 9 Stone in Cocoa Village where it’s an open format/classic songs/remix type spot. Sundays are beach side (Cocoa Beach) at Sandbar for what the regulars patrons have dubbed #Sandbooze. Both nights have very mixed demographics, but open minded, fun, and high energy crowds that like to dance and have a good time. This is a perfect opportunity to work in guest acts and try new music formats and themes. Saturdays I’m mostly booked for guest spots at other clubs, grab a travel gig, or private/corporate events which could be anything from a car show to a fancy birthday party. My favorite gig right now is 3 times a year I play in Jamaica. It’s a very unique opportunity as its with Young Swingers Week at Hedonism II. Its always a crazy time there and basically like a vacation as well. My mom was born in Puerto Rico so I’m a really big fan of the Caribbean culture, food, and music. I really enjoy some of the downtime soaking in conversations and prospective from the the locals.”

What gear do you travel with?

“Mac Book Pro
Serato DJ version 1.9.1 (never trust the newer updates)
2 Technic 1210 TTM56S Rane mixer
 and SHURE M447 needles
…I don’t mind using CDJs if the venue has them.”

What do you produce?

“For years I have made all kinds of bootlegs and edits to play into my sets, but lately I have shifted more focus to originals and artist collaboration. I have been working on getting my official releases out since I signed with DISCOSWAG and XOX CULT records. My debut release was a 3 song EP created alongside Quarterjack. It explored some genres like tech-house and break beats which I enjoy, but had not grasped the production traits of. The release is called “RIDIN” which we received  lots of support from and charted Top 10 in Breaks on Beatport. I have since taken on more of an A&R and executive production role with the studio side of things. Currently I’m putting together materials featuring vocals, live musicians, and some other things to layer into my newest dance tracks.”

What is your favorite studio gear?

 FL Studio 12
NI Maschine Studio
Focusrite Scarlet Interface
Blue Baby Bottle
What will your role be in joining the Tealcheese team?

“I want to learn what the PR end of the industry is like and bring my influences and peers into the network. Beyond the internet, I also want to get the TEALCHEESE name on the street and plan to help throwing events we do.”

What are your career goals for “DJ Cerino”?

“My whole team tours the world to share our art and meet all the people that enjoy it.”

What’s the stupidest part of this industry?

“I don’t know, I get along with mostly everyone. Perhaps the way that some people’s egos hold them and others back.”