The Copenhagen X Sessions was a project by Sony Ericsson in cooperation with the Roskilde Festival in 2011…I found this set of 4 tracks from Sleep Party People that was recorded there.

 These live versions of these tracks are absolutely amazing. So much echo, delay, and reverb makes for a very melodic and soulful sonic adventure.  ..those outfits are great.

This version of I’m Not Human At All is worth comparing to the studio version…both are very elegant, but the live version is extremely rich. Great to see a band with so much going on, come together so well in a live setting so well.

Label: Speed Of Sound

Director: Marie Limkilde
Producer: Cæcilie K. S. Hollesen & Mortiz Hauthaler
Cinematographer: Nicolai Lok Hansen & Charlotte Brodthagen
Set Design: Liselli Grunwald
Grip: Andreas Sommer
Editor: Marie Limkilde
2nd Editor: Peter Bruus