This post will be a little different. Instead of just looking at a specific tag/genre, I’ll be looking at all the music that I’ve found through my time using bandcamp. My personal favorites, albums and eps that I still listen to to this day.

– 1 –

Putiry – Little Park

Canberra, Australia

tags: spoken word, emo, emotive hardcore, grunge, post rock, skramz

This band is easily my favorite find from bandcamp to date. They are the epitome of what I enjoy from melodic/emotional hardcore. Heavily post rock influenced instrumentals with spoken word sprinkled throughout here and there.


– 2 –

storyteller – growing pains

Kitchener, Ontario

tags: punk, hardcore, melodic hardcore, post hardcore, spoken word

I found this band the same day I stumbled across Purity. They’re in the same boat as them as far as very post rock inspired guitar parts. But the vocals and spoken word style is more in line with Being as an Ocean‘s. Either way, both bands and ep’s are awesome and you need to listen to them right now.


– 3 –

Save Us From The Archon – Thereafter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

tags: experimental, avant garde, indie, instrumental, math rock, post hardcore, mathcore, melodic, melodic hardcore, post rock, progressive

Oh jeez, this album is perfection from start to finish. Really everything they put out has been perfection from start to finish. These guys are my go to whenever I want to listen to some grade A math rock (be sure to check out the top 10 we did with Andrew as well).


– 4 –

Eidola – Degeneraterra

Provo, Utah

tags: experimental, swancore, existential experimentation, experimental rock, groove rock, post hardcore, progressive metal

I technically didn’t find these guys on bandcamp, but their album is on bandcamp and I listened to it on there while I was waiting for my pre order to arrive so that counts right? This album is quite easily my favorite release on the Blue Swan Records catalog. It’s absolute perfection from start to finish and I’m in love with the tool vibes that have made their way onto this masterpiece.


– 5 –

Songbird. – somber

San Francisco, California

tags: acoustic, alternative, rock, acoustic guitar, emo

If you remember, I did a lyric analysis for this awhile back. Nick also did a top 10 with Sam that you should check out. Anyway, this EP is great. Sam is a great vocalist and his work in Sea in the Sky is just as excellent.

Facebook (Songbird.)

Facebook (Sea in the Sky)

– 6 –

Forever Losing Sleep – I Lost Myself Again.

Montclair, New Jersey

tags: rock, alternative, ambient, emo, indie, indie rock, post hardcore, post rock, screamo

This album is great. It’s incredibly emotional and is the right blend of “softer” more twinkly music and “heavier” music. It’s basic the perfect blend of twinkly indie rock and post hardcore. Just listen to it.


– 7 –

Brother Wolf – Birthright EP

Shreveport, Louisiana

tags: experimental, rock, hardcore, metal, metalcore, ambient, melodic, post hardcore

Heavy music with some post rock vibes (you may start to notice a trend here). Really everything about this ep is perfect. The production quality is great, the vocals are great, and the instrumentals are great. LISTEN TO IT AND MAKE THEM BIG SO THEY CAN PLAY SEATTLE!


– 8 –

Terra Alive (now Andres) – The Road To West Egg

Bakersfield, California

tags: experimental, alternative, alternative hip-hop, alternative rock, emo, fun, funk, mathrock, progressive

I fell in love with Terra Alive pretty quick. The blend of math rock and hip hop was honestly something I never expected to be as awesome as it was. I’m excited for his new album as his newly re-branded project Andres. And I’m SO STOKED FOR THE NEW ALBUM HOLY SHIT!


– 9 –

New Lungs – LANTERNS

Seattle, Washington

tags: alternative, emo, experimental rock, pop punk, post rock, progressive rock

An absolutely amazing math rock/emo/indie/whatever band from around where I live. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live, but I jam this ep basically every time I’m on a road trip late at night.


– 10 –

Avason – Familiar Places

Pasadena, California

tags: progressive rock, rock, indie, indie rock, post hardcore, post rock

So, when I first heard this EP I honestly thought their vocalist was Anthony Green. I don’t mean that in a negative way either, I fucking love his voice and am stoked when I found bands that have singers reminiscent of him. Their music is fucking amazing as well. This EP is just all around fantastic. If you love Circa, listen to this.


 – 11 –

The Lion in Winter – Sleep Well, Avidya

Seattle, Washington

tags: progressive rock, punk

This is easily in my top 3 as far as local bands go (and we have some sick local bands here). Think A Lot Like Birds, but with longer song formats. And they’re local. Aside from the obvious comparisons to other “swancore” bands, these guys are extremely tight live and they blow my mind every time.


– 12 –

Cornerstone – My Path Is Clear & It Can Only Get Better

Oak Harbor, Washington

tags: metal, nwhc, heavy, hardcore, melodic hardcore, sadcore, pacific northwest

Sadcore is the best-core. Or at least that’s what I think. These guys are another favorite local band of mine that I stumbled across on bandcamp. They’ve since rebranded as Past Self. But definitely check out this EP.


– 13 –

The Raspberry Heaven – Anniversary

London, Ontario

tags: emo, indie, alternative, pop punk, shoegaze, dream pop, post hardcore, sadcore, slowcore

This is a really good EP. Especially if you like emo music. It’s one of his earlier releases, but it still holds up. He’s since started a new project, Molly Drag, that you should check out as well.

Facebook (The Raspberry Heaven)

Facebook (MOLLY DRAG)

– 14 –

Fearless Leader – The Life and Death of Thomas

Seattle, Washington

tags: experimental, math, math rock, post hardcore, progressive rock

This band is the perfect blend of mathy and post hardcore. They’re local, they’re great dudes, and this EP is perfection from start to finish. Not to mention it’s a concept album/ep/whatever so you should totally listen to it!


– 15 –

Abstracts – abstracts

Tokyo, Japan

tags: metal, sushi, rock, instrumental, metalcore, progressive

I usually just open up introducing this band with a ffo and this will be no different. If you like Periphery, Corelia, and Northlane…. fucking listen to this band right now. They are really talented (and there is a guest solo by Mark Holcomb on one of the tracks). Make them famous so that I can see them live and buy their merch without paying absurd money for shipping!