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Daily Archives: September 23, 2016

Sleep Party People (2011 LIVE SET FOOTAGE)

The Copenhagen X Sessions was a project by Sony Ericsson in cooperation with the Roskilde Festival in 2011…I found this set of 4 tracks from Sleep Party People that was recorded there.  These live versions of these tracks are absolutely amazing. So much echo, delay, and reverb makes

Bandcamp Adventures 6 – #FlashbackFriday

This post will be a little different. Instead of just looking at a specific tag/genre, I’ll be looking at all the music that I’ve found through my time using bandcamp. My personal favorites, albums and eps that I still listen to to this day. –

Mass Gothic – Nice Night [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Nice Night” from Mass Gothic’s 2/5/16 album… Sub Pop Records Twitter Facebook SoundCloud MegaMart VIDEO CREDITS Director: Addison Post Video Production House: Loroto Productions, LLC. / Filmed in one take, on an evening in June.

Gvcci Hvcci – Bullet In The Head (stream/lyrics)

[Gvvci Hvcci] Back from the dead [Anonymous female] Smoke that shit till my eyes turn red, The only way to stop me is a bullet in the head, Like im back from the dead   Pussy put that pretty boy I just fucked Right to