Last week Apple finally revealed the next iPhone, the 7, and it’s so far split the fanbase between excitement and outrage. It’s pretty much identical to the iPhone 6S from a design standpoint, and aside from a few minor tweaks, there’s not really much “new” about it. In fact, the last major design over apple’s done was between the iPhone 5 and 6. I mean, it is waterproof now, so the tears you shed from spending $160 on Apple’s new wireless earbuds because no there’s headphone jack won’t cause any damage. Though there may not be much on the surface, let’s weight out the pro’s and cons of the iPhone 7.



New Camera: Apple’s boasting the best camera in a smartphone this year, and while Samsung could seriously debate that, what was shown was highly impressive. The 12 MP shooter on the back comes with laser autofocus, which has been on the android side since late 2014, but that’s none of my business *sips teas*. What is impressive is the addition of an entire second camera for wide angle and additional zoom, with digital zoom reaching up to 10x this time around. Colors are more vibrant, and low light shooting comes through with way more clarity than previous phones. Later down the line, Apple intends to add an update with brings DSLResque depth of field to the camera, blurring out the background around a subject, which in and of itself is really cool.


A10 Fusion Processor: While iPhones have never really been known for super powerful internals, the new processor actually packs a pretty nice punch. The quad core’s overall use has almost no lag. Gaming and general heavy use goes on without a hitch. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up over time after the general release, but for now it’s highly impressive.


Waterproofing: Taking another cue from something that’s been in certain Android models for years, Apple finally decided to add waterproofing to their phones. So now, rain is no issue, and if you’re getting lit at a party and somebody pushes you in the pool, you’re covered. This saves a lot of people who’s phones screw up from small mistakes, but puts a dent in rice sales.




RIP HEADPHONE JACK: Let’s have a moment of silence for all the aux cord DJs around the world. Topping the list of most unnecessary shit you’ll see all day, Apple opted to remove the headphone jack. The change, according to them, was for “courage” to be different. They added a taptic engine on the inside, which is supposed to give the illusion of feeling a home-button push even though it’s immobile now. The loss of the headphone jack is crippling and inconvenient more than anything. You listen to music through the lightning jack now, which means regular headphones require a $10 lightning adapter. Charging the phone and listening with headphones costs another $40 for that adapter, while Apple also introduced their own brand of easy to lose wireless earbuds, known as AirPods. Hopefully Apple sees the error of their ways and reintroduces the jack in the 7s or the 8.


Price: The phone costs a grip, yo. $650 for the bare bones 32 GB, all the way up to $949 for the 256 GB version. With that, plus all the dangles and dongles you need to use headphones, everybody’s gonna be out here selling their kidneys. Sure, there’ll be payments made through carriers and such, but at the same time, Apple only charges so high because they can. Like with the first apple watch, which they sold for $350 even though it cost them about $85 to make. In a few years, if they keep up at the  pace they’re going, they could end up monopolizing the entire cellphone industry.


In the end, it’s all up to personal preference if you’ll purchase the iPhone 7. There’s a lot of cool advancements this year, but there’s a lot of issues as well. Take a look at my thoughts and decide for yourself if the iPhone 7 is right for you.