For Frank Ocean fans, it has definitely been a long and hard 4 years. Back in 2012, the release of Channel Orange was a defining moment for our generation, delivering a masterfully crafted and personal piece of artwork to the masses that touched on topics of love, materialism, and questioning ones own self worth through a canvas of unique and varying sounds. Naturally, the hype and desire for a follow-up was high, reaching critical levels last July, when we were lead to believe his next album Boy’s Don’t Cry was going to be released, only to be disappointed. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, and we were let down once again, scouring the internet for even the smallest hint to no avail. We did get a livestream that appeared to show Frank doing some sort of carpentry, but that honestly raised more questions than it answered. Today, finally, Frank proved that good things come to those who wait.

Although it’s still not a full album release, Frank livestreamed once more, playing new music as a background while he constructed a spiral staircase. Featuring 45 minutes of new music, the stream was released soon after on Apple Music under the name Endless. An Apple rep also confirmed that fans should be on the lookout through the weekend for more releases from Frank. Check out the video through Apple Music, and stay tuned to TC for more updates from the mysterious artist.