I had heard the name Amarionette quite a few times before ever hearing their music. Once I did I wondered what had taken me so long. Quin’s vocals alone are a subject I could write a full post on. They’re passion fueled and versatile (from ballads to rapping). I can’t help but draw comparisons to Claudio (Sanchez).
To match the flawless vocals is intricate and mesmerizing instrumentation.
Last December the band released their self titled LP. It’s amazing how much can change in less than a year. The group sounds so much more cohesive and purposeful throughout Repeating History.
It’s easy to draw comparisons to other bands like Coheed because Amarionette are creating some of the best and most accessible progressive rock in the scene.
The release of this album marks the first for Amarionette on indie label Esque Records.
When we asked Quin what the record is about this is what he had to say:

“The album is majorly about love, as I’ve seen it represented. Or rather how its been displayed to me. There’s no break up songs or sex songs (No, I don’t consider sex love), but there are songs about how temptation can ruin perfect love ( “My Body Says”) or how it can be continually pushed away (“If You Knew Me”).  It’s a glimpse into how I see it right now through my faith life, (“Its in Our Bones”) or what most people think “Twisted” is about; love between two people being misconstrued. So it’s a love journey, cause love has moods.”

I also asked where the hip hop influence in tracks like “All I Have” came from and this was his answer:

“I definitely find it hard to be inspired by today’s hip hop acts. It’s nothing against them but I draw more from underground acts like Social Club, John Givez, NF, Andy Mineo or Lecrae…their styles and message hit more at home with me.

The guys asked if i wanted to do some rapping on the record several times and with a bit of resistance I said yes.” (he laughs). 

Listen to Repeating History in it’s entirety a day early below!
Pre-order the album right now by clicking HERE!

*The order of the tracks will vary on the release.

Also check out the music video for the title track, “Repeating History”

Amarionette is:
Quin White
Nick Raya
AJ Sarmiento
Ron Wells
Justin Brooklyn

“Repeating History”
Released on August 13. 2016 on Esque Records
Produced/Engineered by Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio. Mixed/mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio.
“Get It Right” features Kurt Travis & “All I Have” features Tilian Pearson
Album art by Ryan Dalton and Billy Barber.