Save Us From The Archon is an experimental post hardcore/mathrock band that is absolutely blowing up. With a large discography with three full lengths and two EPs that are all technical masterpieces, they aren’t dropping off the map soon. With such technical music, I absolutely need to know their inspirations!
Luckily, Andrew Cresto, riff wizard extraordinaire, took the time out of a busy tour with Sianvar and My Iron Lung to bless me with a list of his top 10 favorite albums.

*Main image by Randy Edwards Photos, LLC

1. As Cities Burn – Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest
“Nothing crushes my soul like this album. It’s beyond tragic. It lists out every regret of a broken man, and then offers redemption by the closing track. “I know it’s not you, my dear, it’s the nothing that kills.””

2. Cursive – The Ugly Organ 
“A masterpiece in every sense. The Ugly Organ tells the tale of an organist who often contemplates suicide while raging against the current state of art and artistry itself. “Haunting” doesn’t even come close to describing the self loathing and pessimism in this album, and the closing track, “Staying Alive,” is one of the most monumental closers ever. “My ego’s like my stomach; it keeps shitting what I feed it.””

3. Tera Melos – Complex Full of Phantoms 
“Tera Melos are the biggest influence on my playing to date. Their sound is completely unique and original, melting obscure tapping and time signatures into a flawless art form. The melodies they use are so simple, yet cut up to the point of sporadic beauty. Just try to memorize the timing in the intro for “Last Smile for Jaron,” then get back to me.”

4. The Mars Volta – Frances the Mute
“Progressive rock at it’s finest. The concept is that of an orphaned, drug abusing transexual trying to find his mother amidst the fragments of his shattered life. Cedric’s vocals take on various personalities throughout, painting the most heartbreaking concept album I’ve ever heard. Filled with enough ambient space and random noise to fill two albums itself, FTM outdoes itself in every aspect.”

5. Suis La Lune – Riala 
“A highly emo dose of energy and melody, Riala is a hopeless love letter. The riffs are so catchy, they’re borderline singable. The production is super lowfi, and I love every heart wrenching scream and harmony.”

6. The Arcade Fire – Funeral
“The most hopeful and strangely done indie pop album of ever. Funeral is still unique and beautiful in every sense, from their use of string sections and upright bass to the minimalist production almost everywhere. The album is so catchy and poppy that it hurts, in the best way. “Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is.””

7. Circa Survive – Juturna
“No album is more perfect in my mind. No album has shaped my playing and melodic structuring as much. Anthonys magestic voice and drug influenced lyrics hit me so hard. The guitar work taught me that two completely different leads could lay over top each other and be coherent. Circa are also the reason I only play telecasters.”

8. The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Mongrel
“This album took me years to fully appreciate. I first heard it around age thirteen and loved it. With time, I realized how truly progressive and jazz influenced the whole thing is, beyond all the chaos and ridiculous dual screaming. It’s a highly sophisticated brand of math grind, while remaining melodic and beautiful.”

9. Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
“This album has the ability to make me ball in literally any situation or mood. It was released when I was in middle school and I relive every awful second of my youth whenever I hear it. Lyrically perfect and over the top depressing, this album puts me into the darkest place, and I love it so much. “Do you miss the blend of color she left in your black and white field, and do you feel condemned just being there?””

10. Blonde Redhead – Misery Is A Butterfly
“As beautiful as it is sad and misunderstood, Misery Is A Butterfly is completely unique. Bouncing back and forth between indie pop melodies and hauntingly sad chord progressions, nothing sends a wave of teenage nostalgia down my spine like Misery. The band consists of an Asain singer and a pair of twins. No band is weirder. “Remember when we found misery?””

Check out Save Us From The Archon‘s latest masterpiece, L’Eclisse, and be sure to catch them on tour right now!