This three piece progressive rock band is from one of my favorite cities in my home state. Orlando has brought us many great additions to the music scene and Arcadence are no exception. The group has been releasing music since 2012. They have a steady underground following but it’s not hard to see the potential of a mainstream breakthrough soon.
The band released their EP, Ascension, back in April and show no signs of slowing down. I sat down to talk with Makenzie (Guitars/Vocals) and Alejandro (Bass/Vocals) about that EP and the future of Arcadence.

Nick: There are very obviously lots of rock influences in your music. What bands do you feel have inspired you or can you relate to?

Makenzie: “We all have pretty different musical influences and it’s awesome that it’s recognizable! My personal biggest influences are Thrice and Brand New. Brett is a huge Blink, Weezer, and Coheed fan. And Alejandro is influenced by literally everything – progressive hardcore and progressive pop, jazz fusion, r&b. Our blend of musical backgrounds makes for a really creative and fun writing process.”

N: I hear a lot of 90’s influence in the grittiness and emotion of your music, what would you attribute that to?

Alejandro: “DC hardcore (cause I’m from DC)! Also, we all like grunge and 90’s dad rock. It’s something we all grew up with.”

N:  What was the best show you went to recently?

Mak: “This is a super hard question to answer, especially since this has been the year of band reunion tours! Seeing Underoath and Thrice again was really special to me. My top two favorite shows I’ve seen recently were And So I Watch You From Afar (they’re so talented and their energy is out of this world) at The Social and seeing Emma Ruth Rundle at The Orpheum – that woman fully, completely captured every single audience member’s attention almost effortlessly. So incredible.”

N: How do you think being in Florida has helped or hurt your career of making music?

Mak: “It’s funny, because my answer a year and a half ago would have been so different than it is today. I have been involved in the Orlando music scene since I was 16, nearly 10 years. I’ve watched it go from thriving, to nearly nothing, to alive and well again. Playing music in Florida has been so good to us lately thanks to promoters like Norsekorea who took a chance on us and allowed us the opportunity to open for our favorite bands: From Indian Lakes, O’Brother, This Town Needs Guns, Emma Ruth Rundle, Mylets, RDGLDGRN, and Polyenso. It has helped us grow our fan base and our live performance and we are forever grateful.”

N: Who’s your favorite Florida native artist or band?

Mak: “There’s so many! I’m going with Oceana because Birtheater changed the game for me.”

N: How long did it take you to record the Ascension EP as a whole?

A: “From start to finish, it took us about a year to do it ourselves.”
Mak: “In addition to that, a lot of growing and life stuff happened within the band throughout the recording process of that record. I think it shaped the final product and I’m proud of it.”

N: Can you tell us a little about the significance of the lyrics? Was there a main theme to the EP?

Mak: “Alejandro and I collaborate a lot lyrically on this EP. There isn’t a main theme per say, but there is definitely a similar source of inspiration we drew from for each song. There’s stories we wrote and then translated to songs – “Desolate” and “Heil Hydra”. There’s songs that come from personal reflection – “Anxiety” and “Reach”. “Ascension” is a song I wrote from my mother’s perspective after my grandpa passed away. She even sings with me at the end.”

N: Are you in the process of writing new material?

Mak: “Always. We jam on new ideas/riffs at every practice. We don’t typically devote specific blocks of time to writing – we just allow ourselves to be inspired and to create when the vibe is right.”

N: I’d be very curious to see your live show, do you have any coming up?

Mak: “Our next show is August 8 at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL. The show is for our friends A Brilliant Lie‘s EP release. And after that we will be joining The Extreme Tour from 8/31 – 9/14. We’ll be hitting Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. We are insanely excited to get out and tour!”

N:  Any thoughts or plans on signing to a label?

“Yes. We’re open to the idea, it’s just a matter of finding a label that works with us. I’m big on partnership.”

N: What’s next for Arcadence?

“Eating peanut butter and jelly banana sandwiches. Making our buddy Dean a full time member of the band as our xylophone player. And playing shows, kissing babies, and hugging moms.”
Mak: “Writing music that makes people feel something is my main goal right now. I think everything else will fall into place after that.”

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