Paul Travis is a singer/songwriter from Utah. He released a split EP with Kurt Travis earlier this year and he has a new album dropping in a few weeks so I caught up with him before our interview and discussed the music that has influenced him both personally and in his career.

Keaton Henson- Birthdays
“Keaton’s misery is fascinating; he simultaneously comforts his listeners while expounding his anguish. This album is delicate, carries strength in its fragility, and ultimately swells into the resolution that there is indeed some solace in everything we find ourselves hurt by.”

Sufjan Stevens- Carrie and Lowell

“While his previous works like Michigan and Illinois(e) could be considered academic with slight posturing, this autobiographical album is the most sonically moving collection of songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Sufjan has mastered the art of maintaining endearment while creating things with seemingly no flaws.”

Bright Eyes- I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning

“While Conor Oberst displays lyrical superiority in most everything he’s written, I feel this album is among his most cohesive and complete works. I struggle to say enough about this album as it accompanied my childhood as well as my recent years of early adulthood. It’s endlessly dear to me.”

Noah Gundersen- Ledges

“I love Noah’s entire catalogue, but nostalgia plays a big part in deciding to choose this album specifically. The CD played on repeat whenever I drove for a good 6 months. I’ve probably listened to this entire album well over a hundred times. The spaces in between his words land just as heavy as the words themselves.”

Damien Rice- 9

“Damien Rice is a similar story as the one above. I wracked my brain trying to decide which album to include. I could’ve chosen any one of his records and it would be an accurate assessment on how I feel about his work. 9 has been resonating with me most recently and might have the most songs that devastate me. He is among the greatest songwriters we will ever know as a human race.”

Copeland- You Are My Sunshine
“They’ve been my favorite since 6th grade. I can’t say enough but this album is ethereal; arguably their most conceptual, complete sounding record. I could’ve picked any of their records though. You’ll hear that a lot from me.”


Bon Iver-  For Emma, Forever Ago    
“Say what you want but his is the perfect album. I feel the same about his 2011 self-titled release. Though he’s become the default choice for teens trying to sound interesting with proclaiming their music taste, he deserves every bit of acclaim. I’m annoyed by everyone and their mother covering “Skinny Love”, but Justin Vernon is genius and has become universal for all the right reasons. This album is simply transcendent from start to finish.”

Elliott Smith- Either/Or

“He’s arguably the most revolutionary, impactful artists on this list. This album was pretty unanimous in my favorites by him, but his entire discography is gold. I’m kind of at a loss for words at what to say about Elliott simply because there is so much to say.”

Sigur Ros- Takk

“This album is what I imagine accompanying the opening of the gates of heaven. It’s simply immaculate and much bigger than anything I can properly describe with mere language.”

Death Cab for Cutie- Plans

“This was another tie. Plans or Transatlanticism. I had to pick one. Both are albums that will somehow be in your pocket wherever you go throughout your entire life.”

Stay tuned for my interview with Paul Travis coming in the next few weeks. Watch his newest music video & check out his split EP with Kurt Travis below: