Battlefield 1

Brandon: Shooter games based off of the world wars are typically my favorite. And as far as “mainstream” shooter games go, Battlefield games are definitely my favorite. Needless to say, I’m excited for this! The atmosphere of games set in this time period are usually so much darker, which adds to the experience and makes it far more memorable to me than shooters set in modern times.

Quentin: I’m really excited to get back into shooters with with. I felt like the genre lacked a lot of realism with recent games and it’s cool to take it back to the roots by exploring world war 1.

Mass Effect Andromeda

B: This is going to be cool! I loved the Mass Effect games so I’m really excited to see how this turns out.

Q: I’m beyond excited for this. Mass Effect is one of my favorite game series. I’m just disappointed by the info we got. I was hoping to see full gameplay or to hear about the characters, so the info we got felt lacking. We got a basic overview of the story, earth’s dying and we’re tasked with finding a new home for humanity, but we don’t get a full trailer or anything. I just hope with all the work they seem to be doing that this is worth the wait.

Dawn of War 3

B: Warhammer 40k games were quite possibly my favorite RTS games growing up. Warcraft 3 opened the door, but the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade really got me into the games. I spent countless hours playing the campaign over and over as the various races. Trying different things each time I played a race a consecutive time. The second installment in the series (Dawn of War 2) strayed from the type of base building and larger army management than the earlier games. Instead, focusing on fewer squads with more customization. Dawn of War 3 looks to be an amazing blend of both. Plus WE GET SUPER UNITS LIKE TITANS?!?! Sign me the fuck up.

Q: Strategy games hurt my head.

God of War

B: I’ll be honest, I haven’t played any of the God of War games but this looks cool like always.

Q: I’m interested in seeing how they develop the story to Norse mythology this time, and the slight last of us dynamic adding the son as a supporting character the son should be interesting.

Titanfall 2

B: I never really gave the first Titanfall game a fair shake. Partly because my PC at the time couldn’t handle it and also because I didn’t have a console at the time. I played it at a friend’s house though and had a lot of fun. So hopefully I can give this installment the attention it deserves.

Q: I was so bummed that the first one was Xbox exclusive, so seeing this for PS4 makes me happy. The series strays from traditional shooter formula to offer something new. I like the concept of the Titan and everything as well as wall walking and ziplining action.

Halo Wars 2

B: I played the first Halo Wars game a lot. I think I put in almost as many hours in Halo Wars as I did Halo 3 (which is a lot). It was quite possibly the best console RTS game I had played, up there with Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Having this on PC will be a game changer though. So I’m really excited to kill my social life yet again for some more Halo RTS action!

Q: Strategy games hurt my head. [2]

Skyrim Remaster

B: Mods on consoles! And better graphics, it’s gonna be cool. Hopefully this will mean that modders will be able to do a lot more with the PC version.

Q: One of the best games of last Feb remade for next gen. Supreme hype. I feel like this is a good way to tide the audience over while I assume they work on Elder Scrolls 6, which I don’t expect until maybe 2018.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

B: This game looks extremely promising. I remember spending a lot of time playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 as much as I could when I had it. I didn’t have a lot of friends when I did play it, and multiplayer was extremely dead by the time I started playing. But I had fun. It was my first real foray into the more realistic shooter “genre” so it’ll be fun to play this one for sure.


Q: I remember back in the day, when games were made for almost every kids or hero movie that came out, leaving my PS2 on all night or finishing a game in one sitting because I couldn’t afford a memory card. I played Spiderman 3s game over and over, dodging bombs from green goblin and fighting off venom and sandman at the same time. Playing Spiderman for PS4 is like reliving my childhood and if it’s done well it’ll make me really happy. They in engine pieces we saw look really promising.

Final Fantasy XV

B: The more I see about this game, the more excited I am to delve back into the Final Fantasy universe. The last Final Fantasy game I played (other than the MMO XIV) was X. So it’ll be nice to get back into it with what looks like a game with an amazingly thought out story. As well as fun gameplay.

Q: I haven’t played final fantasy since 13. That being said, I did see some promise in what was shown at e3, especially the vr stuff.