Instrumental music is something I didn’t get into until the last few years. It’s one of the hardest genres to flourish in because it takes truly talented musicians to keep listeners interested with no vocals.
Enter, Trees on Mars. These guys are one of the best up and coming progressive metal acts in the industry.
I spoke to Hayden (Guitar) about the band’s inspiration, working with Plini, and their newest single.

Nick: What’s the best show you’ve been to recently?

Hayden: “Norma Jean”
Grant: “Moon Tooth”
Scott: “Plini and Intervals”
Ben: “Gov’t Mule”

N: Comparisons to bands like BTBAM are obvious, what groups that aren’t so obvious have influenced you?

Hayden: “Misery Signals, Circa Survive, Hawthorne Heights, Opeth, Coheed & Cambria, The Cure”

N: Have you ever considered adding a vocalist to your band?

H: “We have considered it but have never actively searched for one. Even if we were to get a vocalist, we would still have long instrumental sections so they would need some sort of instrument skill as well.”

N: Who did the cover art for “The Sapling”?

Trees on Mars. The Sapling

H:Exothermic Design out of California.”

N: Do you have any desire/plans to do a “traditional” acoustic release?

H: “We have played a one-off acoustic set before in the past, but currently have no plans for an actual release. It’s fun to take our existing songs and tweak them into a more laid back vibe, so we’re open to the idea in the future.”

N: I notice that Scott doubles as the bass player and drum player on your last release. How do you handle that for live shows?

H: “Since then we’ve actually found a bass player, so nowadays this isn’t an issue. Before Ben joined the band, we ran bass tracks through the back-line and played to a click track to keep it all in time. We still play to a click as it tends to make performances run more smoothly.”

N: How did you link up with Plini for his feature on “Ode to the Vulture”?

H: “Scott first met Plini on the Mike Portnoy message board, and they’ve kept in contact over the years since. When we wrote “Ode to the Vulture”, we knew we wanted a guest solo, and Plini was kind enough to send us one that really lifted that section to new heights.”

N: Can you describe the inspiration behind your new single?

H: “#doyoueverjustwanna” is meant to get you asking yourself what you want to do, and motivate you to go do it. Hashtag your progress with #doyoueverjustwanna! (ex. #doyoueverjustwanna climb a mountain?)”

N: Do you have any shows coming up?

H:Sun June 26, Asheville NC @ Pulp at the Orange Peel
Fri July 15, Savannah GA @ Sulfur Studios
Fri July 22, Columbia SC @ New Brookland Tavern
Sat July 23, Charleston SC @ Tin Roof
and other shows to be announced”

N: What does Trees on Mars have in store for 2016?

H: “We’re about halfway through the writing process for our 2nd full length album, which we’re set to record in August with producer Jamie King. We plan to release another single soon after the recording is finished, with tentative plans to release it in early 2017. We’ll be touring the east coast in early fall and will be announcing full details on that in the near future.”

Check out Trees on Mars at any of their shows listed above.
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Listen to their new single “#dontyoueverjustwanna” below!