Belle Noire is one of those bands I had heard about for a long time before I ever listened to them. Many of the musicians I work with had dropped this group’s name and it was only a matter of time before I added their music to my collection.
It’s straight forward alternative rock that appeals to post-hardcore fans and ‘radio-rockers’ alike. It’s safe to say Belle Noire are on the verge of a breakout. I spoke to Joey (guitars/vocals) recently about their new single and what’s next for the band.

Nick: What’s on your playlist right now?

Joey: “Currently jamming the new Hail the Sun, Rebelution, Architects, Polyenso, ARTCLS, Toto, the new Body Rampant record, Idlehands, and about a million other things!”

N: What’s your favorite city to play live?

J: “Aside from our home (San Jose), we love playing San Diego. Such a warm environment, we have many good friends there. ”

N: What artists would you like to play with live?

J: “There are so many artists who have influenced us that we’d love to jam with. First off Thrice would be sweet (he laughs), would love to tour with The Body Rampant or Idlehands again, it was really inspiring to play with them. We’d love to tour with Artifex Pereo, Gates, and many more.”

N: How has it been being a self-managed band in the music industry?

J: “It has its challenges for sure. A lot of trial and error, learn as you go, and we are blessed to have the network of friends we do.”

N: Can you talk about the meaning behind “Infinite Youth”?

J: “It’s mainly about the self indulgent/superficial culture of today. Where we as a whole spend too much time on image or perception of one. Where social media is basically all you strive to be successful towards.”

N: What led to your decision to record the LP with Dryw Owens?

J: “A long time ago, a friend of mine, Michael Vu turned me on to a band called Consider the Thief and immediately I was hooked. (Dryw was the singer) I “added” Dryw on Facebook and so our friendship began. Years passed and I learned he was an engineer. We were talking about him mixing and mastering our debut EP that we did in late 2012, but we chose a different route. From those previous conversations we chose to do a single with him called “Sleep” and we loved the experience so much that we went ahead and did the full record with him.”

N: Can you describe your recording process?

J: “Our process was far from ordinary. We went through a lot of things on a personal level that dragged out the recording process. Much to the point where I was questioning whether or not we would ever complete it, if the band would still exist, etc. But we banded together and overcame it, and here we are. The process itself with Dryw was amazing. Working with him was a joy. He challenged me as a vocalist/guitarist. And got the absolute best out of me.”

N: What differences can we expect between “Sleep” and your upcoming release?

J: “The full length is very moody. It has a variety of sounds. But we definitely lean on our reverb and delays guitar wise. There is one song in particular called “Fade” that I basically wanted to feel like a depressing rainy day. We have an acoustic song on there. We have one where Dryw Owens makes a vocal cameo. And we have some higher energy songs like “Infinite Youth”. We wanted to put out a versatile record.”

N: Will you be playing a significant amount of new material on the tour with Hail The Sun and Eidola?

J: “Yes, that is a safe assumption. The record releases 3 days prior to the first tour date. We may play one or 2 older songs here and there. But it’s definitely going to be a majority of new songs.”

N: Aside from the release of  What It Means To Be what else can we expect from Belle Noire in 2016?

J: “Touring, videos and we are always writing. So LP 2 will hopefully not take so long to make!”

Belle Noire are releasing their first full length LP, What It Means To Be, on July 15, 2016.
In the meantime you can listen to and purchase their music by clicking HERE.
Don’t miss them on tour with our friends in Hail the Sun and Eidola (details below). Get tickets HERE.
And please check out their newest single, “Infinite Youth” below as well!

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