In streetwear, it’s not about brand names. It doesn’t matter who you wear as long as it looks dope. The real, the ones who are serious about the game don’t need to flex, don’t need the likes or the retweets. While hypebeasts are lined up every Thursday for the latest Supreme, fashions underground is steadily on the come up. One of the stand out starters of today is Sharp. What stands out is their designs, with mantras like “be still” and “hungry dogs hunt best” on their clothing and Sharp in Mandarin on the back of a Jacket, having their own twist on popular streetwear trends, but adding their own identity. Though they don’t have many pieces, what they do have is well executed, like my personal favorites the Night Fall jacket and the Hasma tee. Already getting shout outs from prominent fashion sites like Hypebeast, Sharp is on the cusp of getting the exposure it deserves. Check pieces out below, and cop something for yourself here.

sharp_1 sharp_2 sharp_3 sharp_4 sharp_5 sharp_6