Alex Wiley, one of the best underground artists out right now, dropped a surprise mixtape last night that shows even more progression than his previous works. Representing Chicago, Alex has always taken a different path with his music. While his first tape, Club Wiley, flexed his lyrical chops and boasted features with fellow Chicago heavy hitters like Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa, the follow up tapes, Village Party and One Singular Flame Emoji, all showcased thought being placed behind spacey whole song composition as well as rhymes, and his album Village Party 2, placing rhymes on the backburner to focus on overall songwriting. With Tangerine Dream, his mixes both composition and rhymes in an way that gives you laid back, transcendent instrumentals, but still hits you over the head with hard hitting lyricism. Alex Wiley’s music has been some of the best that underground hip-hop has had to offer for years now. He’s probably one of the most slept on artists to date, but has delivered yet another a incredibly solid body of work. Check it out below and download it here.