ARTCLS is an indie rock band I came across through the world of the internet. When I first listened to their EP, Indigo Child, I immediately heard a heavy influence of bands like Incubus.
Intrigued, I gave the EP a few more spins and found that this group in particular is bringing a certain urgency and accessibility to a sub-genre that can sometimes be off-putting or repetitious.
I sat down to speak with Dylan (Guitar) about line up changes, representing themselves in the industry, and new material.

Nick: What are your favorite releases so far this year?

Dylan: “This year has been pretty rad for new releases so far. I’m always a tad late when it comes to new releases cause I tend to get into my little corners of music. But so far, I keep finding my self listening to  For When You’re Falling Backwards by Rome Hero Foxes, super dope album, lots of great dynamics. Also, the new single ” Infinite Youth ” by Belle Noire is an extremely strong song. Those guys are writing great material and it’s always getting better. Stoked for their album this year.
Thrice just released To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere which was really inspiring to me because I grew up listening to that band a ton. When I listened to this album I can truly hear and feel their passion for music, it has such an epic feel to it. I get chills throughout the album. Trade Wind just put out a new single called ” I Hope I Don’t Wake Up” that I have been pretty excited about recently. These dudes are really solid live and great song writers. The single excites for what’s to come. Hail the Sun‘s new release “Words of Gratitude ” is a crazy good song,  great lyrics, super catchy guitar work. Those dudes are really solid live, pretty inspiring stuff.
“Glass Eyed Boys” by Indlehands was awesome release,  don’t sleep on that band.  Also really excited for The Body Rampant‘s upcoming LP as well, those dudes kill it.”

N: So, you mentioned some recent line up changes. How has it been getting used to that?

D: “Honestly and surprisingly the changes have been really easy getting used to. Mariano (front man) and I were lucky enough to know and be surrounded with such talented musicians/artists that were actually in the area and really good friends of ours. Ryan Muok (our drummer now) was actually a good friend of ours and supporter of our music. He learned our songs in a week and the audition was perfect. It was without question he needed to be a part of Artcls when he tried out. It just felt right. A week later we auditioned James Garner (former Common Crooks bassist) I have been friends with James for awhile and I always wanted to work with him because of his talent and technique, so it seemed like perfect timing.”


N: How has your experience been as a band booking all your own shows?

D: “Luckily it hasn’t been too bad, we have all heard of those DIY booking nightmares but we have done okay so far. It also really helps when you work with bands  and promoters that have the same drive as you and are focused on the common goal and positivity.”

N: Have you played any shows with the new line up? How did they go?

D: “Yes we have! I believe we are already 3 shows in with the new line up. They have been going really great and everyone is really excited to be a part of what we are doing.”

N: Can you explain the writing process and inspiration for your new single “Realia”?

D: “We actually have had this song for quite some time now. It was written right after we released our EP Indigo Child. I wrote the song on an acoustic when I was going through a rather dark time in my life when I felt abandoned by the one thing I thought was solid in my life.  I was really able to put that feeling into words as well as Mariano was able to. Just another example of how you can transfer all your bad feelings and energy into positive movements and emotions in your life.”

N: How will this next release differ from Indigo Child?

D: “Indigo Child was a quick glimpse at the beginning years of this band. Our new material offers a song for everyone. I feel like with everyone having having different inspirations in the band we are trying to build something for everyone’s ear. So far I am really excited how it’s coming out, tons of energy.”

N: Any plans for a tour in the near future?

D: “Actually yes! We brainstorming some tour ideas out with bands like Eidola and Hearts Like Lions for this fall.”

N: Where are you in the process of writing/recording your next release?

D: “We actually have about 16 songs aside from Indigo Child that we are prepping to see which ones will make our future full length. So there is a lot of work to be done (he laughs) but we are really excited to have this much material to offer.”

Check out the lyric video for ARTCLS new single, “Realia”, below. Also, give their EP, Indigo Child a listen.
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