The vitamin B12 is essential in many of the functions of your body. Creating red blood cells, strengthening your immune system, brain and nervous system function, even producing DNA.
Our bodies are not capable of producing this necessary vitamin so we must find it in the food we eat.
Here are 5 different foods that will give you plenty of vitamin B12 so your body can function better and you can feel better!

1. Salmon
A 3 oz. serving of this delicious fish will provide you with 4.9 mcg of B12 (more than the recommended daily intake.) It’s also a great source of vitamin D and potassium.
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2. Yogurt
A staple that’s great for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert. Every cup of yogurt contains 1 mcg of B12 (42% of the daily recommended value.)
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3. Beef
Not unlike salmon, a 3 oz. serving of 95% lean ground beef will give you all the B12 you need for an entire day and more (2.24 mcg.)
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4. Fortified Cereals
This is referring to things like Multi Grain Cheerios, Corn Flakes, and oatmeal. Every cup is packed with 5 mcg of vitamin B12 (over 200% of the daily recommended value.)
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5. Swiss Cheese 
Everyone loves cheese, especially when it can provide health benefits. Every ounce of Swiss cheese contains 1 mcg of B12 (42% of the daily recommended value.)
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