Almost everyone has a car. We use them every day to get to school, work, and to handle all of the adult errands we don’t really want to bother with. Here’s some simple things you can do to improve your car owning experience.

1. Use a Rubber Band to Hold Your Phone Up

Do you ever get tired of looking down at your lap or hearing a robot voice while using GPS? Check out this easy solution:


2. Use Toothpaste to Clean Your Headlights

Toothpaste has a lot of uses other than what it’s made for. You’ll be surprised the difference a soft cloth and some Colgate make on your headlights.


3. Use Clear Nail Polish on Windshield Cracks

Tiny rocks and flying debris on the road are unavoidable. Use clear nail polish on both sides of the glass to maintain the integrity and slow any further cracking until you can get it replaced.

4. Look at the Gas Gauge to Figure Out Which Side Your Gas Tank is On

This is something I didn’t know for quite a while. When it got pointed out to me it revolutionized my gas station experience. Not only do I end up with different cars semi frequently but it’s an easy thing to forget in the car I regularly drive.

CAR-gas tank
5. Take a Photo of Where You Parked

I’m pretty sure we’ve all left somewhere like Target or the grocery store and wandered the parking lot trying to find our vehicle. No matter how many times it happens, this simple solution never seems to come to mind. With cameras built in to virtually every phone now, this is the best way to not lose your car in a busy parking area!

CAR-parking lot
6. Clean the Interior With a Coffee Filter

This one is a little less obvious. One of the best tools to clean the inside of your car is a coffee filter. You can use olive oil to make your leather shine or your regular cleaning product.

CAR-coffee filter
7. Buff Your Car With Hair Conditioner

Yet another household item that we all have can be used to improve the look of your car. It adds extra shine and prevents water streaks from sprinklers and rain.

8. Keep Food Hot With a Seat Warmer 

Do you ever get sick of getting take out and the food being cold by the time you get home? If your car has the option of heated seats they can be a great solution.

CAR-seat warmer

9. Hang a Tennis Ball in Your Garage

Have you ever pulled into your garage and bumped a shelf or wall? It’s easy to pull or back up a little too far. Try this trick to make sure you avoid any dents or scuffs on your bumper.

CAR-tennis ball

10. Melt the Ice on Your Car With Vinegar-Water Mixture

For those of you living in the northern part of the country, scraping ice off your car can be an irritating and time consuming project. Try making a mixture of 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water and spray it on your car. It will melt the ice instead of you having to scrape it off.


Try some of these car hacks and let us know how they work for you!