I love music videos. Serious ones, funny ones and everything in between. In the spirit of that, I will be sharing my personal favorite music videos! Half of them will be funny (or at least what i think is funny) and the other half will be more serious music videos. Enjoy!

#1 Hair Trigger – Protest the Hero:

Protest the Hero makes some weird videos. “Hair Trigger”‘s video probably takes the cake though. The randomness of the scenes and what the band members are doing is so over the top it’s great. The song itself is also absolutely perfect.

#2 Scarlet – Periphery:

The guys in Periphery are hilarious. “Scarlet”‘s music video is so hilarious that I can hardly bring myself to watch it otherwise I’ll laugh uncontrollably and fall out of my chair. Which has happened. Multiple times. “Scarlet” is also one of my favorite songs off of “Periphery 2: This Time It’s Personal” so I absolutely had to include this.

#3 Ain’t That a Bitch – Twelve Foot Ninja:

Twelve Foot Ninja, like Protest the Hero, make some absolutely weird music videos. By weird I mean they are easily some of the funniest videos I’ve seen. “Ain’t That a Bitch”‘s video is no exception to this. While the video may be too graphic for some the concept, getting revenge on an internet troll, is golden. The band’s music is also phenomenal and they are easily one of my favorite bands period.

#4 Darkest Hour – Scary Kids Scaring Kids:

Scary Kids Scaring Kids was the band that got me into post hardcore (before I went off and listened to progressive metal religiously and became that guy). The video also perfectly exemplifies me in the car when I don’t care what people think about me. Headbanging, air keyboards, singing obnoxiously, and stopping when you stop at a red light next to someone.

#5 Somebody Like You (Adele) – Ice Nine Kills:

Ice Nine Kills is another band that’s known for making some great music videos. This one being my personal favorite of theirs. Because who doesn’t love a music video about how much they love dogs? Cat people. That’s the answer to that question, cat people.

#6 The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray – I the Mighty:

The start of the more serious videos, this one would absolutely have to be on this list. The video is extremely impressive. The video is filmed in one cut and everything is perfectly on time. The song is also my favorite from “Connector” so I’m glad it got the video I felt it deserved. Something awesome.

#7 Prayer of the Refugee – Rise Against:

Rise Against is one of my favorite bands. They were pretty influential to my musical taste growing into what it is today. This video is also one of my favorites. The video fits the song perfectly which helps cement this as one of my favorite music videos and songs.

#8 Writing on the Walls – Underoath:

This music video just has such a cool concept. Having it take place in a doll house was cool visually and the plot of the video added to the cool visuals.

#9 Witness – Counterparts:

I’ll always appreciate a good performance music video. Especially performance videos that also have some story happening on top of it. In this case, someone digging their own grave. It fits the song, the video is well done, and I just absolutely love Counterparts.

#10 Politically Correct – SR 71:

SR 71 was very influential to my music taste today. I think it was one of the first bands that I discovered on my own and I loved re watching this video and “Right Now” over and over while I played the Halo 2 campaign over and over again. The video is a performance video like Witness, except it’s just a performance. I absolutely loved this band and I wish they had gone on to make more music. But at least Mitch Allen is still going writing for some big names.