Any fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise remembers going to the arcade and using all their quarters on the TMNT games (the original and Turtles in Time).
The games were so popular that Nintendo released them on their NES and SNES platforms.
Just in time for the release of the new TMNT movie, NECA decided to release action figures based on the characters from those nostalgic games.
Even the paint on these collectibles is pixelated, really bringing you back to a simpler time of spending an entire day (and week’s allowance) at the arcade.
Two different sets will be sold, one featuring all four Ninja Turtles and the other with Shredder and three of the Foot Clan Members.
There’s only one bit of bad news…these awesome pieces will only be sold at San Diego Comic-Con. Although I’m sure for anyone who can’t attend, you’ll be able to scoop them up on sites like eBay for a bit of a mark up.



What do you think? Will you be getting these pieces for your collection? Are you annoyed that they’re SDCC exclusives?