Yesterday, Andrés (formerly Terra Alive) released his first song after being re-branded, “Darth Binks”! The song is the first single for his debut album under the new name. For those worried that the project will be changing, it wont. According to Andrés himself when asked about what happened to Terra Alive:

“I decided to go by name now instead… This song will be on Spotify sooner than later and from here on out the music will be under my name! same team same music though!”

-Taken from Andrés‘ Facebook page

So basically, the music will be the same, it’s just under his own name. I personally think this is easily the most mature song he has written to date. In addition to being mature lyrically, the production quality of the track itself is amazing. If you dig this and haven’t checked out Terra Alive yet, I’d highly recommend you do it right now. 



Bandcamp (Andrés)

Bandcamp (Terra Alive)