Momentum builds as the first ever predominately EDM festival to hit downtown ATL approaches. We are under 3 days to Shaky Beats Music Festival! If you’re like us you are carefully planning your festival schedule with the Shaky Beats Fest app. As well as, curating your outfits to accommodate the potential bad weather. STRFKR is next up for an artist feature!

STRFKR, established in 2007 in Portland, has been touring nearly constantly since inception. Their psychedelic, synth heavy ,”old wave” sounds are reveled by hipsters and PLUR fams alike. Which is probably what has made the band such a touring success. Outside of festivals and live sets, the band has also licensed a couple of their songs for Target and Juicy Couture commercials. They are currently on Polyvinyl Records. They’ve released an extensive amount of music over the years and have hinted at a new record to come sometime this year!

The origin of the name is simple – front man Joshua Hodges explained a few years back,

I was around all these people who were kind of douchey, the kind of people I would never hang out with, and one of them bragged about being a “starfucker.” I thought, “Who are these people? What is this world?” That’s why I chose the name: because it represented all I didn’t want to be a part of, all I didn’t want to do.

Their live shows are notorious for integrating full costumes with light board and projector set ups. Super excited for lots of dancing and being apart of an enthusiastic crowd. Anything is possible so I am not setting any expectations!!

STRFKR will take the Peachtree stage at Shaky Beats @ 5:00 PM on Saturday

Shaky Beats Music Festival May 20th-22nd

Shaky Beats, May 20th-22nd, is the first EDM festival in Downtown Atlanta.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get your tickets!! Advanced 3-Day tickets are still available for just 162 dollars!!


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